Plastic surgery… may be the reason to deprive Iraqi Dana Hussein of participating in Tokyo Olympics

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Today, Wednesday, the Iraqi Athletics Federation issued a statement regarding the International Federation’s decision to temporarily suspend runner Dana Hussein from participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Iraqi Federation confirmed in a statement that it “follows the fierce attack against runner Dana Hussein following the decision of the International Federation to temporarily suspend her in light of the result of a sample taken in Tunisia during its participation in the Arab Championship, which demonstrated the presence of a banned substance in the sample.”

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Iraqi runner Dana Hussein released a video explaining the reasons for her arrest

The Federation explained that “it treats the player with the magnitude of the great achievements she has achieved since 2010 until now, and obtaining the gold of the Arab session in Qatar and a large number of awards, subjecting her to permanent exams. in those tournaments.”

He stressed the need for the player not to fall victim to attacks by those who do not understand the problems that require patience and verification and access to the causes of the emergence of these substances, especially since the substances were not doping, because in In short, if a case of doping was proven, the International Federation did not hesitate to deprive the player for at least four years without making a temporary suspension.

The Iraqi Athletics Federation pointed out that “The International Federation treats the same standard with all member countries, as it robs players of different nationalities, and robs Dana if she had taken a stimulant, but the sample did not prove that, which was the requirement of the report of her doctor.”

He stated that “runner Dana Hussein underwent plastic surgery on her nose and suspicious materials as a result of that surgery, and so the sports community must respect her history above all else.”

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The Iraqi Federation stressed that it “will not hesitate in two cases where it has previously emphasized the need to respect, namely doping and counterfeiting, and to fight them by all means.”

“We will not tolerate any athlete or athlete who has made a mistake in these two cases,” he added.

He called on the sports and media community not to “challenge the performance of the player Dana Hussein and not to involve her in a case where her guilt has not been proven”, and at the same time called for “to respect the decisions of the International Federation , and to wait for the payments from the player and the coach until the final decision is made to show the white thread of the black.”

On the other hand, the “Iraqi Sports Gate” account on the social networking site Twitter posted a “tweet” which read: “Historic Arab and Iraqi hero, Dana Hussein, assures the portal that she has not received a notification of refusal to participate. .. the report she only received It contains a partial penalty for taking cortisone during the tournament due to an allergic reaction she suffers from. Dana also confirmed that the decision to ban her from participation is not final.

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