Poland sends six Olympic swimmers home after big mistake

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Poland couldn’t have screwed up any more when it came to its Olympic swim team.

Poland sent 23 swimmers to the Summer Games in Tokyo this year. However, six swimmers had to be sent home for failing to qualify under FINA’s qualifying rules.

The Polish Swimming Federation had to apologize in a statement for the epic blunder. PZP chairman Pawel Slominski said:

“I express great regret, sadness and bitterness about the situation regarding the qualification of our swimmers for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Such a situation should not take place, and the reaction of the swimmers, their emotions, the attack on the Polish Swimmers Federation is understandable and justified for me.”

Alicja Tchorz, Bartosz Piszczorowicz, Aleksandra Polanska, Mateusz Chowaniec, Dominika Kossakowska and Jan Holub were identified as the swimmers sent home from the Olympics.

“I am deeply shocked by what has happened and this is an absurd situation for me that should never have happened. In fact, I hope to eventually wake up from this NIGHTMARE! In short, I am terribly bitter and I am sorry that incompetent people of PZP have him in Poland and not in the capital of Japan,” Chowaniec wrote on Instagram (according to Google Translate).

Tchorz also sounded off via Facebook (translation via Google Translate):

“Imagine dedicating 5 years of your life striving for the next start at the most important sporting event, giving up grueling training, giving up your private life and work, sacrificing your family, etc. Your dedication results in a total flop. Six days before the grand finale, it turns out that you have been robbed of your dreams by third-party incompetence. It’s hard to organize my thoughts and there are still a few hours to pack my suitcase.”

It’s hard to imagine a bigger or more damaging flaw coming from a country’s Olympic government. What a horrible fate for the swimmers who were sent home after their hopes.

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