Police patrols in Dubai reach ‘extreme emergency’ locations in 2.33 minutes – News

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Dubai Police have answered more than 1.2 million calls in three months. The force handled 1.17 million calls to the emergency hotline (999); and 379,122 calls to its non-emergency number (901) in the second quarter of this year.

Police managed to answer 99.6 percent of emergency calls within 10 seconds. Emergency calls rose in the second quarter of this year (1.17 million calls) from 1.09 million calls in the same period in 2020.

The average time it took police patrols to reach “extreme emergencies” was just 2.33 minutes, which is much shorter than the target response time of six minutes. The patrols reached other emergency locations in less than 10.17 minutes, as opposed to a 15-minute target.

In non-emergency cases, the patrols reached the sites within 10.45 minutes, while the target was 30 minutes.

The 901 call center, which receives non-emergency calls, answered 94.42 percent of calls within 20 seconds.

These statistics were revealed during the Operations Department performance appraisal.

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