Prime Minister Scott Morrison questioned about coronavirus vaccine program on Triple J Hack

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The Prime Minister admitted he was “unhappy” with the state of the coronavirus vaccination program during a harsh questioning on the Triple J Hack radio show.

The confession came during a tense conversation with host Angie McCormack as she repeatedly interrupted him by the questions she wanted answered.

McCormack asked Scott Morrison when young adults could get the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.

The Prime Minister began to reply: “I will say two things about it, the first is that we are now getting a million doses…”

But Mrs. McCormack immediately interrupted him, saying, “It’s a simple question, when will young people be able to get vaccinated?”

“Well, they can now inoculate them with AstraZeneca…” said Mr. Morrison.

But McCormack again interrupted, saying that the AstraZeneca vaccine was not the one recommended by medical authorities for young people.

“I’m almost done answering the question,” replied Mr. Morrison.

In September, it was designed for people under the age of 40 to access Pfizer.

“But what I’m telling you is that right now, the AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved by the TGA to be available to people over the age of 18.”

Later in the interview, Mr Morrison said he was “not happy with where we are now”.

“That’s why we’ve been flipping it over for the past few months,” he said.

More is coming.


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