Riot offers to undo AFK bans again as Valorant Mumbai server had problems yesterday

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The Valorant Mumbai server has been dealing with instability issues for the past few days and experienced the latest outage last night. The developers are aware of this issue and will be looking for a permanent fix soon.

However, the outage of the Valorant Mumbai server resulted in an AFK ban for many players who were playing at the time of the outage. Today, the developers made an announcement about the matter so that players can contact the developers to have their AFK bans reversed.

AFK Fines Accumulated From Valorant Mumbai Server Outage To Be Reversed

The Valorant Mumbai server has been dealing with some major issues in recent days. Players recently encountered the “game connection issues” while playing a match. Many players also faced the same problem last night. This was the fourth time in the past ten days that the Valorant Mumbai server had suffered an outage.

However, players who were in a match at the time of the outage were given an AFK disconnect for disconnection and were understandably frustrated when they were banned for server issues on the part of the developers.

Riot has been quick to respond, issuing a statement encouraging players to contact them to reverse the AFK penalties incurred by the outage on the Valorant Mumbai server. The statement read:

“Hey, we are still looking into the cause of the recent outages. In the meantime, if you think you have received AFK penalties because of these outages, please contact player support to see if your AFK penalties are up to date be reversed.”

However, they also clarified that players can only apply if they have been issued the AFK ban for server issues. Otherwise, the ban will not be reversed. They said:

“Please note that only AFK fines accrued from the outage will be rolled back. Penalties incurred after the service has been restored should already be processed. If you think a mistake has been made, get in touch! “

Riot addressed the same issue a few days ago and they have reversed players’ AFK penalties for past issues with the Valorant Mumbai server.

Players can expect the same this time around. They just need to go to this website to file a complaint about the problem.

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