Rip in protest of voting rights. Hank Johnson arrested

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“Whose roads? Our roads. Whose house? Our house.” Johnson can be seen in the video holding his hand behind his back, even as he participates in the cheers of other opponents. He is one of 10 people arrested by Capitol police for “illegally demonstrating” outside the Hart Senate office building and charged with crowding, obstruction or harassment.

In a statement to CNN, Johnson’s office said, “Today, Hong Johnson was arrested along with a group of black male suffrage activists.

The statement said the protest was also in response to restrictive voting laws across the country “targeting students, the elderly and people of color. His dear friend and mentor – the late Congressman John Lewis – Rep.” Johnson Was fighting and protecting them. “

Two prominent black activists were also arrested during the Capitol Hill protests. A spokesman for Color of Change confirmed that the association’s president, Rashad Robinson, had been arrested, and a spokesman for Black Voters Matter also confirmed that co-founder Cliff Albright had been arrested.

“It was risky to use our power to demand the protection of the right to vote for blacks and all communities in our country,” Robinson said in a statement Thursday.

Johnson is the second legislature to be arrested in several weeks while protesting the right to vote. Rip, the Democratic president of the Congressional Black Caucus. Joyce was Beatty He was arrested on July 15 by Capitol police After participating in the protest against the right to vote, the senate marched inside the heart office building.

Both protests were based on the protection of voting rights and the passage of a people’s law. Democratic law passed the House earlier this year but was blocked by Republicans in the Senate in late June. Democrats have pushed for the bill as a solution to the nationwide voting restrictions imposed by the state legislatures of the GOP.

A. Eighteen states have enacted 30 new laws that make voting difficult New tally by liberal-leaning Brennan Center for Justice The state has been tracking activities since July 14.

One of the most common provisions, according to Brennan’s researchers, is: Measures in seven states that either increase the ability of the authorities to purge voters from voter registration names or risk removing voters’ names incorrectly. These laws were enforced in Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas and Utah.

Florida, Georgia and Iowa: Three of the 18 states have passed comprehensive, all-encompassing bills covering new voting activities, including new restrictions.

Biden and the Democrats in Congress said on Thursday that they had won the election on promises to regain the right to vote and protect the black vote. But even after more than six months in this administration, we have not seen real and meaningful action on voting rights. “

The story was updated on Thursday with additional information.

CNN’s Frederica Schauten contributed to the report.


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