SA Covid closed on day two: Thursday 22 July

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The Seacliff Child Care Center is on the list of new exposure sites. Follow our live blog for the latest news – including coverage of the 11am press conference.

The Seacliff Child Care Center is among 15 new sites of exposure after the cluster of Covid in South Australia grew to 12 cases on Wednesday.

Six new cases, including a child, Added to Modbury block late Wednesday.

South Australian authorities will provide an update on any more positive cases at an 11am press conference – which will be covered live on this blog.

But Prime Minister Stephen Marshall told Adelaide radio stations Thursday morning “there was no serious escalation” from the Thursday morning news conference.

“There are two cases that they are looking into and (chief public health officer) Nicolas Spurrier will present them if needed later this morning,” he said.

Each site is exposed and a place for testing

The Casa Bambini Child Care Center in Seacliff attended a Covid case on Monday, July 19, between 6:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. else New exposure sites They are listed in Elizabeth, Fairview Park, Holden Hill, Seacliff, Surrey Downs, Evanston, Greenwith, Modbury and Gawler.

Test Clinics Still soaked on Thursday morning, with waiting times of up to 12 hours in Victoria Park.


Overnight, new legal directives went into effect allowing individuals to visit a friend or partner.

The change allows individuals over the age of 16 to visit a friend or partner if they are home alone.

Live updates

Below is a list of the latest Tier 1 exposure sites, which were updated late last night.

The new Level 1 exposure sites were listed late Wednesday, July 21.
The new Level 1 exposure sites were listed late Wednesday, July 21.

For Level 1 exposure sites, you and your home contacts should:

  • Quarantine immediately for 14 days since you have been on site
  • Get tested immediately
  • Take the test again on the fifth and thirteenth day
  • cDelete this form To notify SA Health that you have been to this location.

See the full list of all exposure sites here

A woman has been arrested and charged at a Littlehampton supermarket after she allegedly refused several requests from police and staff to wear a mask.

Supermarket workers called the police around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday and reported that they had refused several instructions from staff to wear a mask indoors.

Read more about the accident here.

Test clinics across Adelaide were overrun for a third day with people waiting for hours in the bitter cold.

The advertiser was told wait times remain around 12 hours in Victoria Park, and several hours at other locations including Blair Athol. There were similar scenes at the test stations on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There are also reports of a lack of traffic management and motorists jumping in queues.

Just note that we appreciate everyone queuing up to get tested, which helps keep our community safe. You are all legends!

Read more about test waiting lists here.

Victoria Park Test Station from the air on Wednesday, July 21
Victoria Park Test Station from the air on Wednesday, July 21

Good morning all

Welcome to the second closing day. It’s a cold, wet day today – a very good day to stay at home!

Our current Covid cluster is in 12 cases, and the South Australian authorities will hold a press conference at 11am today with the latest numbers. You can tune in to watch the press conference live at this link, and we’ll also be jotting all the information in this story as well.

Join us for another day of Covid updates

And please stay safe and warm


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