Sanjay Manjrekar recalls the time he and Sachin Tendulkar tried to make fun of Vinod Kambli

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Former Indian batter Sanjay Manjrekar recalled an incident where he and Sachin Tendulkar tried to make fun of Vinod Kambli. All three were part of India’s 1992 World Cup squad and Kambli didn’t get a chance to play.

Manjrekar and Tendulkar, on the other hand, played every match and also had important partnerships. Sanjay Manjrekar revealed that Vinod Kambli criticized his and Sachin’s percussion and the way they used to play.

Speaking on ‘SK Tales’, Manjrekar explained how Kambli commented on their hitting performance, saying that they hit at a slow blow rate.

“Vinod Kambli was part of our World Cup squad in 1992, but was unable to get consistent chances. Me and Sachin, who were established players, played every game. After every game, Vinod criticized our at bat. Even after we had a partnership of 99 against Zimbabwe, he was still trying to tell us that our blow was conservative.”

How Vinod Kambli handled Sanjay Manjrekar and Tendulkar’s dig dig

Manjrekar and Tendulkar finally got the chance to do a friendly dig at Vinod Kambli after he scored 54 goals against Pakistan in the same World Cup.

But when asked why he was hitting so slowly, Kambli tactfully credited the opponent’s bowling and said it was difficult to score points from them.

The way he handled the situation also made Sanjay Manjrekar realize how good Kambli’s sense of humor was.

“Kambli finally got his chance against Pakistan and there he scored with a strike rate of about 54. Sachin and I decided this was our chance to dig him up nicely. But this time he told us their bowling was too tight. So he always had a great sense of humor,” agreed Sanjay Manjrekar.

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