Saudi Arabia: Pilgrims continue to stone the Jamarat on the second day of Tashreeq

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Today, Thursday, the pilgrims continued to stone the three Jamarat on the second day of Tashreeq, starting with Jamarat al-Soghra, al-Wusta and then Jamrat al-Aqaba.
And the Saudi News Agency (SPA) stated today that this is due to careful organization and high precautions and the achievement of spatial distance between pilgrims, to maintain their safety and the safety of the cadres participating in their service.
She indicated that the pilgrims’ movements and the group plan to throw the three Jamarats were carried out according to a detailed procedural and preventive plan, to end all phases of the Jamarat throwing in a safe and sound manner.
She pointed to the development of specific paths specifying the movement of pilgrims, in addition to indicative ground posters to control the influx of pilgrims to throw their customs, with direct field monitoring from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, and in full coordination with the relevant security – and civilian sectors participating in the hajj season.
According to the agency, after completing the stoning ritual in Mina, the hurried pilgrims head to the Grand Mosque to perform the farewell tour.
The Hajj season started this year with a total of 60,000 pilgrims in the Kingdom due to the Corona virus pandemic and the emergence of new mutations in it.


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