SEHA warns of the dangers of technology overuse in children

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The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” emphasized the importance of parents playing their role in guiding their children to follow the rules of proper use of modern technology, in order to reduce the risks to their bodies and brains.
She called on parents to offer their children alternatives to the time they usually spend using technology, such as pursuing hobbies they enjoy, such as reading, drawing, and music, and dividing the time moderately and wisely between them. those hobbies and sitting in front of fencing.
dr. Asma Al Marzouqi, Head of the Department of Pediatrics of the Medical Affairs of Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, said: “Despite the great advantages of modern technology in carrying out our daily tasks, ensuring our constant communication and obtaining the services and necessities that we need, in addition to recreational and cultural uses for different groups, the technology has significant negative aspects for public health and safety.”
She added: “Young people are more exposed than others to the dangers of modern technology, as their bodies and brains are still in the development and growth stage, which is why this age group is starting to show some consequences associated with the excessive use of technology, especially eye strain, which results from staring at screens Electronic devices for long periods of time, excessive exposure to glare and brightness when these devices are brought close to their face, and the onset of vision problems that accelerate as the screen time increases, as do the negative effects of sitting in incorrect positions for long periods of time.
She explained that one of the negative effects, as well as weight gain, due to lack of exercise, is associated with prolonged sitting and a more stable lifestyle, as most children play video games or use smart devices, rather than spend their time outdoors. in addition to the tangible effects. Excessive use of devices leads to mood swings, depression and sleep quality, leading to increased stress and anxiety, and showing aggressive behavior
She pointed out that the exceptional situation imposed on the world by the Corona pandemic and distance learning, which left young people unable to do activities and exercises and spend more time in front of screens, exacerbated the problems of eye fatigue and weight gain.
dr. Al-Marzouqi emphasized the role of parents in reducing the negative effects of using modern technology by instructing their children to abide by sound usage rules, giving their eyes, body and mind the opportunity to take necessary breaks and alternatives for the time they usually spend using technology, such as practicing hobbies they enjoy, such as reading, drawing, and music, and dividing the time moderately and wisely between these hobbies and sitting in front of screens, and that parents would like to expose their children to the sun every day for a period of not less than 30 minutes while you engage in physical activities.
She called on parents to encourage their children to do light exercise at home, such as challenge and hide-and-seek games, traditional competitions or online practice sessions.
She also called for signs of pain or stress in young children’s eyes, such as difficulty seeing from a certain distance or a feeling of blurred vision, headaches, and to rush to a specialist pediatrician for appropriate advice. and work to prevent the worsening of these symptoms. (wam)


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