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During the first and second days of Eid Al-Adha, the slaughterhouses in Dubai received 15,099 offerings, divided as follows: 6,142 offerings for individuals, 4,805 offerings for charitable organizations, 2,778 via smart applications and 1,374 for epics.


The slaughterhouses in Dubai were preparing for Eid al-Adha and maintenance work was carried out on all slaughterhouses, devices and equipment to ensure they are ready to meet customer needs, control the application of precautionary measures to maintain physical distancing while waiting for customers in halls, wearing masks, providing sterilizers at hall entrances and exits, as well as applying all animal welfare standards and shielding corridors. of vehicles laden with offerings due to the high air temperature.

smart apps

Slaughterhouses in Dubai also had partnerships with 8 smart applications that provide the service of soliciting sacrifices without the need to go to the livestock market and slaughterhouses, where the sacrifice is electronically selected, paid for and delivered to home, and collaboration with a group of smart applications to buy livestock without the customer having to go to the slaughterhouse and there is also a delivery service. For homes, the smart applications for requesting carcasses slaughtered under the supervision of the municipality in the slaughterhouses are 8 applications: “Al-Anoud” application, “Vee” application, “Turki slaughterhouse” application, “Al -Farij youth” application, “Dar offers” application, “Zabihati” application, “Halal our farms” application and “Halal our farms” application. Meat.” It is also possible to solicit offerings from charities such as Dar Al Ber Society, Dubai Charitable Society, Red Crescent Authority, Charitable Works Authority, Sharjah Charitable Society, Beit Al Khair Society, in addition to the Emirates Food Bank.

Slaughterhouses in Dubai were keen to organize awareness campaigns for members of society about the dangers of slaughtering outside slaughterhouses, rather than resorting to roaming butchers and indiscriminate slaughter because of the danger they pose to public health, environmental pollution and disease transmission.

absorbing energy

The capacity of Dubai slaughterhouses in Al Qusais hall is 180 carcasses per hall, in Deira hall 130 carcasses per hour, Al Quoz slaughterhouse 150 carcasses per hour, while in Al Lisaili slaughterhouse 150 carcasses per hour, Hatta slaughterhouse 80 carcasses per hour has. hours, and 10 carcasses per hour in the large livestock hall. In addition to the express slaughterhouse, a hall with 6 lines used only on holidays, each line operates at a capacity of 50 offerings per hour.


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