South Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown has caused fear and financial hardship in Adelaide’s northern suburbs

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Kathy Jo Tam is in custody with her nine-year-old daughter, Misha, and some special needs support workers.

“[Meisha] He loves life regardless, but boredom is definitely a big thing for all kids of all abilities, [and] “It’s a bit of a difficult situation because we’re confined to one place,” said Ms. Tami.

“We have to keep her constantly excited or she’ll go to sleep, and then we have a risk that her whole pattern will change and then she’ll wake up all night.

“I’ve slept about two hours in the last 24 hours.”

Ms. Tame is an alderman in the city of Playford, and also operates a home cleaning service across the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

With Many of the current exposure sites for COVID-19 in South Australia are in North and Northeast AdelaideMs Tami said many of her clients – especially those with a disability or medical condition – were feeling intimidated.

“[They’re] So scared because it’s so close to home.”

“We have people who have canceled their work because they just want to keep their children safe and protected.”

Ms Tami said that while the lockdown meant a break from commuting or extra time for household chores for some, it had dramatically increased loneliness and the potential for medical complications for others.

Also, the number of support staff is limited [in the north] Of course, because if they’re in hot spots, that means fewer people will join the community.”

Anglicare SA says financial pressures are already increasing

Anglicare SA’s executive general manager of community services, Nancy Pena, said the current shutdown has placed enormous financial pressure on affected families from nearby exposure sites.

“A lot of people in the North who work often will be in temporary jobs, particularly in the retail and hospitality industry,” she said.

“It will only make everyone nervous.”

Ms. Pina said the services had already seen an increase in demand for financial support since Tuesday evening.

“We have certainly seen an absolute increase in requests for telephone assistance in connection with financial advice,” she said.

“It gives you an indication that people are worried going forward, in the future, about how they will manage their financial situation.”

She said anyone who needs financial support or immediate practical help to get food should contact a charity or NGO.

Non-governmental organization, government services that help the vulnerable

Organizations such as Puddle Jumpers have been busy collecting and serving food – including hot meals – to meeting sites around Adelaide.

“[Volunteers] “He’ll bring you bakeries, food, pantry, fruits and vegetables in your car so you can stay in your car and get that,” CEO Melanie Tate said in a video posted on the organization’s social media page.

Puddle Jumpers . Volunteers
Volunteers at Puddle Jumpers collect and pack food for people in need.(

Facebook: Puddle Jumpers


“Whatever the case, we will try to spread that.”

The volunteers have spent the past two days around North Adelaide, and will be heading to the city’s southern suburbs as well from tomorrow.

Puddle Jumpers Food Pack
Puddle Jumpers releases food packaging.(

Facebook: Puddle Jumpers


Prime Minister Stephen Marshall said everyone should “seek out…these vulnerable people in our community”.

“There is good government support, and there is good support from NGOs,” Marshall said.

The state government announced a one-time $300 payment to those forced into isolation.

The payment is designed for those who have been required to get tested and isolated due to the current COVID-19 cluster, and who cannot get paid leave or other income support.

Help is also available through the SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line, which can be reached by calling 1800632753 or via online chat between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM each day.

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