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Syrian air defense forces shot down a number of missiles launched Wednesday/Thursday night towards Homs, central Syria.

Sources close to Syrian government forces told the German news agency (dpa) that “Syrian air defenses shot down three missiles launched by Israeli warplanes from Lebanese territory toward Homs Governorate, noting that the three missiles were destroyed and their wreckage fell into the water in the Al-Qusayr area in the countryside of Homs, west of the Syrian-Lebanon border.

Residents of al-Qusayr’s area told dpa they saw three mid-air missiles destroyed in the eastern countryside of al-Qusayr after they penetrated Syrian territory.

On Monday, Israeli warplanes bombed the Sfira area, south of Aleppo, in the tenth bombing raid this year. Israel has been carrying out air strikes on Syria since mid-March 2011.

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