The Biden administration added community grants B3B to push ‘equity’

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As part of the US rescue plan, the Biden administration announced a दा 3 billion community grant, saying anyone who applied for the grant would have to prove that “shares” were part of the proposal.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said Thursday that equity is good for workers, good for business and good for the economy, and that the investment is the biggest economic advancement ever made by the agency.

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Raymondo told reporters Thursday that millions of Americans are struggling with the economic side effects of the coronavirus (or epidemic) all over the country (or continent) and that the results are “uneven.”

“People who are struggling with countless women, people of color, communities of color, rural communities and tribes,” Raimondo said. “So our investment strategy is to make sure that these billions of dollars are evenly distributed.”

Raimondo said state and local governments, universities, Indian tribes and nonprofits can start applying for funding as early as Thursday afternoon. She said the grant could create about 300,000 jobs.

The program will allocate ०० 10,000 million for industry, workforce training and training programs, with a special focus on women, people of color and disadvantaged communities.

Executive order for equality for different classes, equality

“We have to prove that we have equity lenses,” Raimondo told a White House press briefing on Thursday. “And whether it’s the job training you’re doing or not पाहिजे we have to make sure that women, people of color, veterans who have been left out have to be accommodated. That’s why we’re taking these lenses across billions of dollars.”

Commerce Secretary Gina Raymondo speaks at a press conference in the White House briefing room in Washington on Thursday, July 22, 2021. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnick)
(AP Photo / Andrew Harnick)

“We are wholeheartedly committed to this transparency,” he said, adding that the Commerce Department was already taking “accountability measures”.

“We’re tracking every penny to make sure he’s doing what he wants to do,” said Raimondo, referring to his experience as governor of Rhode Island.

“Every community will get something,” Raimondo said.

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The initiative will provide in 1 billion for the “Build Back Better Regional Challenge”; Million 500 million for the “Good Jobs Challenge”; Million 500 million for “Financial Adjustment Assist Challenge”; 100 million for the “Indigenous Community Challenge”; 50 750 million for travel, tourism and outdoor recreation; And million 90 million in grants for statewide planning, research and networking.

“As the president often says, and we all know we’re on the road to recovery,” Raimondo said. “And with this announcement today, we’re taking a real step forward in that recovery.”

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