The Biden administration pushed the masking between the spikes of the delta

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The Beacon administration is considering whether to urge vaccinated Americans to wear masks in more settings once again, Between nationwide spikes In Covid-1 cases in Delta variant

Key White House colleagues have spoken with officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The mask for these vaccinated people has been removed but is now checking to see if their guidance is up to date, According to the Washington Post, Citing Biden Assistant and Federal Health Officer.

One idea to consider is that when vaccinated and non-vaccinated people mingle in public places or at home, such as in malls or cinemas, everyone should be asked to make a mask, two people familiar with the conversation told the paper.

White House officials have so far been reluctant to enforce any orders that would require the United States to state the status of their vaccinations, a source told the outlet, adding that the discussion is preliminary and could result in new messaging.

US President Joe Biden
The White House has adopted a tactical approach to the agency to allow scientists to work without any interference.Getty Images

Many scientists have also said that any new official guidance would have to come from the CDC because the White House has joined hands with the agency to allow scientists to work without interference.

CDC spokesman Jason McDonald said: “We do not intend to change the guidelines for this time. Told CNN.

The storefront icon reminds people to wear face masks
The CDC is currently recommending that vaccinators not wear masks.
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According to the Washington Post, there are more than 100,000 cases of coronavirus per day in the United States. Last month, there were less than 11,000 cases a day. The strain of a more contagious delta has been linked to that wave.

In addition, vaccine rates are falling, forcing about 500,000 people a day to get vaccinated, the newspaper’s vaccine tracker said.

Masked subway
There is an idea that everyone should be asked to put on a mask when vaccinated and uncontrolled people mix in public places like malls or cinemas.
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Kevin Munoz, the White House’s assistant press secretary, told the paper: “At the White House, we follow the guidance and advice of health and medical experts.

“Public health guidance is provided by the CDC and they strongly advise that vaccinated persons should not wear masks. If you have not been vaccinated, you should wear a mask, ”he added.

Wearing signs and face masks that remind people of social distance
White House officials have so far been reluctant to enforce any order requiring Americans to provide clear evidence of their vaccination status.
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Marcus Plessia, chief medical officer of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers, discussed the issue with the CDC and state officials this week.

“It is fair to say that they are considering everything. I think everything is on the table, ”he told the outlet, including whether to re-discuss masks and recommendations on social distance.


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