The biggest jump in Corona injuries in Mexico since January and a warning of dramatic rise in Cuba – Covid-19

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Mexico’s health ministry announced 15,198 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, the largest increase in daily cases of the virus since January, bringing the total number of infections to 2,693,495.

The ministry said it recorded 397 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 237207.

The government says the actual number of cases is likely to be much higher. And separate recently published data indicates that the actual death toll could exceed the announced figure by 60 percent.

In addition, the Pan American Health Organization warned yesterday that Cuba is witnessing a “dramatic rise” in Corona infections in many of its provinces, where the highly contagious mutant delta is spreading.

“Covid-19 cases and deaths are on the rise in Cuba, where many provinces are registering dramatic increases in infections,” said Carissa Etienne, director of the Pan American Health Organization, at a news conference.

The director of this regional agency of the World Health Organization added that the situation was “particularly delicate” in the tourism region of Matanzas.

For his part, Ciro Ugarte, head of emergencies at the Pan American Health Organization, said Cuba has registered a record number of infections of 11 million people this week since the virus appeared on the island in March 2020.

He added that Cuba registered “more than 43,000 infections this week, a 21% increase (compared to the previous week) and an average of 6,199 new infections per day,” noting that the mutated delta is “located in several provinces.” ” spreads.

Ugarte declined to link this increase to the popular protests that rocked the island on July 11 and 12, stressing that “the number of injured people in Cuba increased before the recent protests”.

Cuba has not joined the Kovacs program to distribute vaccines to poor countries, which is supported by the World Health Organization and administered in Latin America by the Pan-American Health Organization.

But Cuba has developed its own vaccines for Covid and launched a national immunization program with two of these vaccines in mid-May.

As of July 11, 3.3 million people have been vaccinated in Cuba, or “30% of the population, which is still a low level,” Ugarte said.

Cuban authorities hope to vaccinate 70 percent of the population by August.



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