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The Heritage Abra is one of the oldest and most prominent modes of maritime transport in Dubai. It was operated by oars in 1920 and diesel engines were added in the early 1960s to start a new phase of development The Heritage Abra carries passengers to 4 main stations in the creek: Al Sabkha And the Old Market , the Gold Market and Bur Dubai through 148 abras, at a token price of no more than two dirhams for one destination, and the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai oversees the licensing of heritage sanders, the licensing of operators and monitoring the implementation of security and safety requirements.

Comfortable seats

Muhammad Abu Bakr Al-Hashimi, Director of the Maritime Transport Department of the Public Transport Agency at the RTA, said: The heritage sanders are characterized by comfortable seats for passengers, in addition to meeting all safety and security requirements as they are equipped with 22 life jackets, in addition to providing first aid tools and a fire extinguisher. The abra is 10 meters long and 4 or 3 meters wide. While driving, the abra can be easily moved sideways. It is designed to treat determined people and was equipped with barriers that protect passengers from falling. As for the outer structure of the abra, it is made of “fiberglass”, in addition to the presence of two environmentally friendly engines.

new grinding wheels

He pointed out that the manufacturing of the new abrasives took into account the application of the highest security and safety standards, the most important of which being the change of driver’s location to improve driving visibility in comparison with the driver’s low location in ordinary abrasives, as well as applying the requirements of the “Dubai code” for determined people in the abra and assigning two places for wheelchairs, and allocating places for life jackets Among the seats to be quickly accessible to passengers when needed compared to being at the top in the regular abras, in addition to installing smart transport systems, GPS systems, cameras and Nol card payment systems, coupling the engine to the maintenance system for remote monitoring and installing advanced sound and lighting systems.


He added: The authority has made improvements to the engine location to get into an enclosed area equipped with a soundproofing system and a fire-fighting system, and equipped with hydraulic steering to improve driving and maneuvering, and has installed soundproofing and vibration isolation systems in the engine room to reduce noise pollution as the noise has been reduced to less than 65 decibels which is the allowable limit worldwide, noting that the operation of the new abra falls within the scope of the comprehensive plan prepared by the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai to develop the maritime transport system in the emirate, which is an essential means of transport with an estimated 14 million passengers per year, and the plan of the authority includes an expansion of the number of stations for the means of transport. to 59 stations by 2025, the manufacture of 26 new seagoing vessels and the operation of new lines on the Dubai Creek and the coastline along the beaches of Jumeirah, as well as lines to serve the new islands, and new lines in the Dubai Water Channel.

Ease of Navigation

Al Hashimi stressed that the aim of the new generation of traditional wooden grinding wheels is to increase ease of movement between different areas in Dubai Creek and expand the area to enjoy beautiful sea views while preserving the heritage and historic character of this type of transport, explaining that the abra trip takes place at the “Al Fahidi – Deira Old Market”, at the rate of two dirhams from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 10:45 pm, and on Friday the trips start from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.:45 p.m.


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