The Sound Of The Suez Battles During The October War… The Death Of A Great Egyptian Radio Announcer Days After He Was Hospitalized – Our Lives – Destinations

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The famous Egyptian radio station, Kamel Al-Bitar, passed away today after falling ill, causing him to die, according to his media son, Haitham Al-Bitar, told some Egyptian media outlets. Kamel Al-Bitar was admitted to the intensive care unit at Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital a few days ago.

A large number of media professionals, intellectuals and personalities in the Egyptian state mourned the deceased and regarded him as one of the figures of the Egyptian media.

Kamel Al-Bitar, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Department of Journalism, Cairo University, started training on Egyptian radio, and a year ago and before the start of Ramadan, Ahmed Saeed, director of Sawt Al-Arab, presented him with his idea “Masharati Al-Youm”, and asked him to record 30 episodes of it in the Islamic world.

Radio broadcaster Kamel Al-Bitar presented many programs on Voice of Arabia radio, including “Layali Al Sharq and Arab Sports in a Week.” He also radioed Suez during the October 1973 battles.



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