The Taliban say they control 90% of the Afghan border

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Moscow – AFP

The spokesperson said: «Taliban» According to Russian news agencies, the movement controls 90 percent of Afghan borders because it is leading an attack concurrent with the withdrawal of foreign troops, without verifying these statements from independent sources..

Zabihullah Mujahid explained to the agency «RIA Novosti» government that «Afghan borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran, i.e. almost 90 percent, are under our control».

وتقود «Taliban» A large-scale offensive against Afghan forces has been underway since May, as international forces began their final departure from the country, which is expected to end at the end of August..

Since then, the rebels have conquered large parts of the countryside, as well as many important border posts, and surrounded major cities..

Lacking primary US air support, Afghan forces were unable to resist «Taliban» It no longer controls only state capitals and main axes.

Earlier in July, the . movement announced that «Taliban» It controls 85 percent of Afghan territory, a percentage that the government objects to and that is impossible to independently verify.

The Taliban attack raises concerns from countries that share a common border with Afghanistan, especially Tajikistan, which shares more than 1,200 kilometers of border with Afghanistan..

And on Thursday, Tajikistan mobilized its entire army to verify the readiness of its elements, in a combat exercise that is the first of its kind in the Central Asian country, and came up against the impact of the deteriorating situation in neighboring Afghanistan.


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