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New York – Once Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Tom Barrack quickly emailed a senior official in Abu Dhabi asking them to identify the UAE’s priorities for the new president.

Barak was confident in himself and in his ability to do what was asked of him, not only because of his personal closeness – 40 years with the new president (Trump) or (Donnie) as he calls him – but also because of his great influence in his election campaign, and with his senior officials in the White House.

In 2010, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner faced a major crisis that brought him close to bankruptcy after the failure of a $1 billion and $800 million real estate deal in Manhattan. It was then that Trump called his billionaire friend Tom Barrack, who helped Kushner buy about $70 million of his debt; So, Roger Stone, a close friend of Trump’s, says, “Barack is the only one Trump talks to as his equal.”

Barack raised money for the Trump campaign. And when he succeeded, he took over the chairmanship of the committee that organized the president’s inauguration, raising a record amount of more than $107 million at the time.

Observers believe that this committee may have been the focus of (the lobby), or pressure groups and interests representing foreign countries, companies and many parties, seeking to influence the policies and directions of the new government.

Although an investigation into her has not led to any charges; Barak was the subject of special interest from Robert Mueller, the former FBI director, who took on the independent investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

Research and reason

Because Barak was not in direct contact with this case, he was not charged, but the investigation moved to the New York federal prosecutor’s office, which tracked down suspects in violating the “FARA” law that prohibited the work. of representatives of foreign interests or entities in the United States.

According to the indictment, Tom Barrack ignored its key clauses; He registered his name with the United States Department of Justice as an “agent” or representative of the interests of the United Arab Emirates; Where – for many years – he worked closely with princes and senior officials, then turned to influence Washington policy after Trump took office, in violation of the law.

Barak, 74, was arrested in California, where he was charged with 7 federal charges, including obstruction of justice, in addition to failing to register his name as a member of a pressure group, and abusing his personal proximity to Trump to further the goals of a foreign country (UAE), and lying to investigators about its activities.

The court has complied with the prosecutor’s request to detain him for possessing private planes and because he has a different (Lebanese) nationality, which would facilitate his escape abroad.

Tom Barrack (right) and Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE ambassador to Washington (Reuters)


It is mentioned here that Barak’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and especially the UAE dates back many years. Some reports spoke of him as a link between the Trump administration and many Arab princes, especially Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Vice President of the UAE.

Bin Zayed was mentioned more than once in the investigations, as well as Emirati businessman Rashid Al Malik, who described Barak as the UAE’s secret weapon, and invited him to Trump’s inauguration ceremony among a group of senior diplomats.

Al Malik had previously been questioned by the FBI when he stayed in California 3 years ago, then left the United States and did not return, prosecutors say. He was also charged with representing foreign interests without being registered, but was not arrested for being outside the country.

The investigative papers also contain correspondence between Barak and the “UAE Official 5”, according to what he calls the investigation, and he is believed to be the Emirati ambassador to Washington Youssef Al-Otaiba. The papers reveal Tom Barrack’s major role in communications between Trump and senior Emirati officials. It was he who introduced Al-Otaiba to Jared Kushner before taking responsibility for the Middle East dossier.

According to reports, Barak has been able to arrange many meetings between Trump and his administration and senior Emirati officials. He was able to stop the conference Trump plans to hold at Camp David to reconcile the Gulf States, and it could have led to the lifting of the blockade imposed on Qatar at the time.

Barak spoke proudly of his rejection of offers to take key positions such as the finance minister, and it is said that he aspired to the post of “special envoy for economic development to the Middle East”, but he did not succeed. to achieve it, but approaching the head of power in the White House helped him increase his wealth. His company, Colony NorthStar, which specializes in stocks and real estate investments, has raised more than $7 billion in the three years since Trump took office.

According to an official familiar with the New York Times, about a quarter of this money came from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and includes $474 million from the two countries’ state funds.

h 52905371Former Trump Adviser Tom Barrack faces 7 federal charges related to dealings with UAE (European)

his upbringing

Tom Barrack grew up in California, in a simple Lebanese immigrant family. He studied law and worked as a lawyer before starting a private business in the Gulf States, where he managed to land lucrative deals that helped him get into the business world.

Proficiency in the Arabic language brought him closer to Emirati princes and officials. He took care of much of their business and took care of their children in the United States, conducting their real estate and commercial deals. He tried to use that old relationship in front of investigators, because it precedes his political relationship with Trump, and does not require his registration as a “lobby” with the Justice Department.

However, assessments from legal experts revealed that he was trying to use his proximity to Trump to influence US foreign policy, in line with the interests of another country, which is asking for official registration of his work.

There are no accurate estimates of the nature of the sentence that could be handed down against him, due to the short age at which this law applies, but it can range from a small fine to 5 years in prison if convicted.

It is not yet known what the impact of this issue will be on the UAE’s relationship with the new Joe Biden government. Many don’t expect it to lead to a rift, but it will cast a shadow at a critical juncture as the government is expected to decide whether to go through with the major arms deal for the Emirates approved by Trump, which will cost $23. billion and includes 50 F-35 aircraft.).

Investigations and Trump

The investigations with Barak are not expected to involve Trump personally, especially as the impeachment papers refer to Barak’s “betrayal” of him, but the possibility remains if he turns against Trump, and he tries to cover some of the charges. dodge by revealing information about him due to his closeness to him and the circle around him.

Barak claims he is “not guilty” and will not accept or confess to these allegations, and will try to deny them and not make a deal with prosecutors. He has the money to help him recruit a strong team of lawyers.

Barak is not the only one close to Trump who has been subjected to such accusations; The Trump Organization and its chief financial officer were charged with tax evasion in New York. His former campaign manager Paul Manafort was also indicted after Robert Mueller’s team investigated Russian election meddling, and was pardoned by Trump just before his term expired.

This is what the former president also did to his chief adviser, Steve Bannon, who was accused of personally using the money he raised to support the construction of a wall on the country’s southern border.

But the most famous person to be convicted and imprisoned was Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, who faced numerous charges; Including giving money to a Trump campaign girl to silence her before disclosing their relationship before his election. Cohen then turned against Trump and gave a lot of information to investigative teams and the media.

However, all of these and other issues did not significantly affect Trump’s confidence in the majority of the Republican Party. The conservative base still supports him and believes his allegations of electoral fraud and wants him to run again in the next election in 2024.

Therefore, many hope that some of these investigations will lead to accusations against Trump personally, and perhaps the New York tax evasion investigations will come closest, making it more difficult for him to return to the race. around the White House.


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