Tony La Russa reacts to Yermin Mercedes’ retirement

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Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa commented Wednesday night on the shocking announcement of rookie Yermin Mercedes’ retirement.

The MLB world received some shocking news Wednesday night in the midst of regular season games. Chicago White Sox rookie Yermin Mercedes announced on his personal Instagram account that he is walking away from the baseball game with a photo that reads “it’s over.”

After the White Sox released a statement saying they haven’t heard anything official from Mercedes itself, manager Tony La Russa responded to the news. La Russa said through James Fegan of The Athletic that he will contact Mercedes to assure him that “he has a future in the Major League”.

Tony La Russa talks to Yermin Mercedes about retirement

Mercedes got off to a stormy start in the month of April, where he cut .415/.455/.659 while noting five home runs, 16 RBIs, 10 runs scored and 34 hits in 22 games. After that month, Mercedes production took a hit until the end of June.

Earlier this month, Mercedes was given an option for Triple-A Charlotte, where he set solid numbers in the batter’s box. During 15 games, the butcher cut .298/.365/.632 while posting four homeruns, 10 RBI, 12 runs scored and 17 hits.

Shortly after Mercedes’ Instagram post went viral, the White Sox released the following statement, via ESPN’s Jesse Rogers:

“The White Sox are aware of tonight’s Instagram post by Yermín Mercedes, who is currently on the active roster of our Class AAA team in Charlotte, NC. At this time, the White Sox have not received any official notification from Yermín about his future plans.”

La Russa, like many baseball fans, was in shock when she learned that Mercedes is stepping away from baseball “for a while.” Let’s see if Mercedes sticks to his guns, or if a conversation with La Russa will change his mind about quitting his promising MLB career.

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