UAE: Unemployed expat wins Dh500,000 in Mahzooz draw – News

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The Dubai resident plans to start his own cafeteria; helping others who have fallen in difficult times.

The life of an unemployed Dubai resident has taken a positive turn amid this pandemic after he was declared the second prize winner in the Mahzooz Millionaire Draw in Dubai – raising Dh 500,000. was richer.

The win comes as the 53-year-old wondered how he would send money to his family for Eid Al Adha – God gave him what he calls the “best gift of his life” this Eid in the form of this huge prize money, then he needed it most.

Nazeerali lost his job a few months ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic and struggled to survive financially as he is the sole breadwinner of the family, which he recently moved to India because he couldn’t afford it. afford to keep them here without getting a stable job.

“I have been unemployed for a few months. I had to send my family back home to save costs during this uncertain time. I felt down and lonely, but I never lost hope. I always believed in the power of fate and always saw the light at the end of the tunnel. My big win with Mahzooz is proof that optimism and positivity always attract great things in life,” said Nazeerali.

The Indian expatriate, who hails from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, won the 34th weekly live Mahzooz draw together with one more lucky winner, after they both matched five of the six numbers and shared the second prize of 1 million Dh1 million .

The father of two, Nazeerali, said it “took you a while for this life-changing victory to sink in” when he first saw Mahzooz’s email announcing him as the second prize winner.

“The first thing I did after seeing the email was to call my family and tell them all our worries were over,” added the excited winner.

With the future looking stable for now, Nazeerali said he will use the money to fulfill his long-standing dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

“I have always dreamed of starting my own cafeteria in Dubai, but I thought it would be impossible for an ordinary man like me. But now I know for sure that nothing is impossible. Thank you to Mahzooz,” said Nazeerali.

The family man also has a great plan for his wife and children in India. “Once I start my own business, I will bring my family back to the UAE. My wife and two children eagerly await the return of those good days. I can’t wait for the four of us to be together again!”

Not to mention the hardships he went through because he was out of work for months, Nazeerali said he will also allocate some of his profits to help others in similar situations.

“I have seen hardships and disappointments while looking for a job. I know very well what it feels like to be without a job. Therefore, I will also support the unemployed members of my extended family so that they do not lose hope and can remain positive and hopeful about life,” he added.

“I advise everyone to keep trying their luck with Mahzooz and one day they too can make their dreams come true,” concluded Nazeerali.

For those who missed last week’s live draw, one can participate in Mahzooz by registering at and purchasing a bottle of water. Each bottle of water purchased (for Dh35) will be eligible for one line in the draw and the donation will be channeled through Mahzooz’s community partners to rehydrate those in need.

The next draw will take place as scheduled on Saturday, July 24, 2021 at 9:00 PM UAE time.

Saman Haziq

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