UAE weather: more rain expected for Thursday – News

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Increase temperature gradually.

Weather in the UAE will remain hot and dusty on Thursday with a chance of rain in parts of the country, according to the National Met Department (NCM).

Today’s forecast is generally partly cloudy and sometimes hazy during the day, with a chance of convective cloud formation over some eastern and southern areas – could be associated with rainfall.

The NCM has forecast more rain for today. Temperatures tend to rise gradually.

Light to moderate wind, occasionally refreshing wind with blowing dust and sand.

Overall, this week has been good for the UAE when it comes to rainfall. Different parts of the country got rain throughout the week, with picturesque scenes of gushing wadis (valleys) and rocky, desert-like terrains that come alive with greenery.

Abu Dhabi police have urged motorists to exercise caution when driving in rainy weather.

On Twitter, the police advised drivers to follow change speed limits displayed on electronic information boards.

In Abu Dhabi, speed limits are reduced during adverse weather conditions.

The weather is monitored by a ‘smart system’ that automatically reduces the speed limit on Abu Dhabi’s roads and highways during rainy or foggy conditions. In poor visibility (when visibility has fallen to less than 200 meters), the speed limit is reduced to 80 km/h.

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