Warning over fake supermarket advice during Sydney’s Covid-19 lockdown

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A fake message pretending to be an official NSW health alert is spreading misinformation that Sydney’s supermarkets will be closing.

The fake alert, which was reported to have been shared on the WhatsApp messaging platform, erroneously claims that supermarkets will close next week.

A NSW Health spokesperson confirmed the letter was fraudulent.

The fake message looks like a fatal blow to the NSW health media release, using incorrect fonts and colours.

“at [Greater Sydney] Supermarkets will also be closed for 4 days starting from 27 July 2021.”

Channel 10 reporter Antoinette Latuff posted a warning about the false alert on her Twitter account, Thursday, which alarmed others.

One Twitter user wrote: “Probably the same mentality as those people who thought putting metal pins in fruit – and causing massive paranoia and anxiety for people, along with massive waste of products.”

Another said he was concerned about misinformation spreading across communities in western Sydney.

NSW residents are encouraged to double-check any information they receive by going to the official NSW Government website حكومة

The Greater Sydney area is entering its fourth week of lockdown as health officials struggle to control the highly contagious Delta strain of the virus.

The outbreak has now reached more than 1,600 cases of community transmission, including 124 confirmed cases in the 24 hours as of 8 p.m. Wednesday from 85,000 tests.


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