WhatsApp launches a feature to remove annoying notifications

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The most that annoys the person is sending notifications and you are not ready to receive notifications, you can receive phrases about the presence of messages and you are in a work that needs focus, and there comes a time when the person that does not want to be bothered by notifications from WhatsApp and these notifications were very annoying and it was time to launch WhatsApp This feature, which will eliminate the annoying notifications, and sometimes one feels that the global chat application is closed because of the constant notifications , and luckily , WhatsApp users can follow some tips to stop the annoying application notifications without having to uninstall them. Here’s how to get rid of the annoying WhatsApp notifications on their iPhone and Android phones.

Do Not Disturb Notification Feature

How to get rid of annoying WhatsApp notifications without uninstalling the app:

This feature is waiting a lot for WhatsApp users to get rid of the inconvenience of notifications after getting tired of the inconvenience of notifications by closing the phone, but this feature makes the phone unlock without any inconvenience, any notifications, that’s what we explain in this article.

Feature on WhatsApp
How to get rid of annoying WhatsApp notifications without uninstalling the app

How to Customize WhatsApp Notifications on Android Phones:

  1. Open your Android phone’s Settings app.
  2. Click the Notifications option and then select Manage notifications or app notifications depending on your device.
  3. Scroll down to find the WhatsApp app.
  4. You can choose from 4 options to display WhatsApp notifications on your Android phone:
  • Completely disable or enable all WhatsApp notifications.
  • Turn off Enable notification badges.
  • Enable pop-up notifications according to your phone’s operating system.
  • Enable or disable notifications on the lock screen.

5- If you disable or enable WhatsApp notifications, they will not be displayed on the screen of your Android phone, and the icon of the main application will display the number of unread messages. You can go to the application to check for new messages.

Feature on WhatsApp
Customize WhatsApp Notifications on Android Phones

Customize WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone:

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.
  • Click Settings in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click the Notifications option.
  • Uncheck the Show preview option.

How to protect and confidential chats on Android:

WhatsApp is working on increasing the security and encryption factor of WhatsApp users’ messages, and according to what was announced by some specialized sites, WhatsApp experts are testing the function of encrypting backups and chat history on Android phones, in the latest beta update on the operating system with the number, to protect your chats from unauthorized access, and users’ messages are end-to-end encrypted, which means that it is difficult to know what is in them during the transport, but if a user keeps a backup of their messages stored in the cloud, authorities can issue a search warrant to create cloud storage services like Google Drive or Apple iCloud to access data, and the messaging application tests the ability to independently encrypt backups in the cloud, and the feature is currently available in the latest beta version of the application on A ndroid, and when the new security feature is enabled, the cloud copies will save the chat history. The media is securely backed up and if you lose the passcode or if you lose your 64-digit recovery key, the copy will be locked permanently and WhatsApp will not be able to help you.

Feature on WhatsApp
How to protect and confidential chats on Android

WhatsApp is testing multi-device support:

WhatsApp experts recently experimented with multi-device support to support WhatsApp for a number of devices while providing end-to-end security and encryption whether you have a shared phone or not, and the new feature allows users of the messaging service for the first time to use WhatsApp on up to four non-phone devices, without turning on the registered phone or connecting to the Internet, and will not include multiple devices on another phone.

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