WHO’s plan to study Kovid-1 origins ‘shocked’ China

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BEIJING (AP) – China cannot accept plans for a second-stage study of the origin of the World Health Organization’s Covid-1, senior Chinese health officials said Thursday.

Zheng Yixin, vice-chairman of the National Health Commission, said he was shocked by the plan, and especially by the theory that the virus had spread from a Chinese lab.

He rejected this theory as a rumor against general theory and science.

“It is impossible for us to accept such an original tracing scheme,” he told a news conference called to draw attention to the basic question of Covid-1 orig.

Tracing the origin of the virus has become a diplomatic issue that has strained China’s relations with the United States and its allies. The U.S. and others say China was not transparent about what happened in the early days of the epidemic. China has been accused of politicizing critics on issues that scientists should abandon.

WHO Director-General Tedros han Danom Gebreisis admitted last week that in Wuhan, the city where the disease was first found in the background of the disease, it is premature to rule out a nationwide (or continental) and potential link from Chinese government labs (epidemics).

Zheng said the Wuhan lab did not contain any viruses that could infect humans directly. He noted that a team from the International Association of International Experts, which visited the laboratory earlier this year, had concluded that a laboratory leak was unlikely.

Most experts believe that the virus has spread from animals to humans. Laboratory leaks are so unlikely that the possibility of that theory cannot be ruled out, or there are highly political debate centers on whether it is worth further study.


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