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Nutritionists confirm that the correct date for eating sacrificial meat after slaughter has different requirements.

According to statements from “Sputnik”, experts advise to eat slaughtered meat only after 6 to 12 hours.

They justified this by the need for the meat to go through the “throw-hardening” phase, a phase in which the muscles harden and contract within hours of slaughter.

For his part, Mohamed Al-Fayed, a nutritionist at the National Institute of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Rabat, recommends not eating sacrificial meat until at least 6 hours after slaughter, because of what he said are harmful enzymes.

The Moroccan expert also advised not to eat some of the sacrifice’s internal organs, such as the liver, heart and others, until half an hour has passed since it was removed from the victim’s body.

The importance of throwing sclerosis is due to the fact that it activates the meat softening enzymes, which are active in the acidic environment due to the decrease in “PH”.

In addition, it helps to tenderize meat as it affects the lengthening of the storage period, as the low pH number plays a role in stunting the growth of many microbes that cause spoilage.

Issa Tahta, chairman of the board of directors of the Chamber of Turkish Food Engineers, Istanbul Department, emphasized that “the meat of the sacrifice should not be eaten immediately after slaughter, but should be kept for 20 to 24 hours.”



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