Yermin Mercedes Says He’s ‘Indefinitely Away From Baseball’

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Yermin Mercedes attracted attention on Wednesday through his Instagram activity.

Mercedes, who was part of a controversy with his manager earlier this season, posted a text on Instagram saying: “It’s over”.

In the caption accompanying the photo, Mercedes said he would be gone indefinitely.

Here’s a rough translation of his post via Google Translate.

“First of all I would like to thank God for giving my life to the fans that without them I would be nothing to my family because they understood me and always supported Daniel Szew to move forward, and in passing I apologize to all those who offended me. immaturity to the members of the radio, television and press .. to all the teams that participated because they did not tolerate their decisions to everyone who failed as a human being my apologies and this way I am away from baseball indefinitely .. ! God bless you, it’s over,” he wrote.

The 28-year-old started the season extremely hot for the Chicago White Sox. He hit .415 with five home runs and five doubles in his first 22 games. However, White Sox manager Tony La Russa criticized Mercedes for hitting a home run on a 3-0 pitch late in a blowout in May.

La Russa’s response to Mercedes’ home run caused controversy within MLB. The game of Mercedes then fell out. He hit .159 in June and was relegated to Triple-A in early July.

Is Mercedes really retiring? That’s hard to believe. I suspect Mercedes is trying to force the White Sox to trade him in for another team. The man probably feels he belongs in MLB instead of Triple-A, and that he needs a fresh start with a new franchise. An exchange would probably serve all parties well.

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