Features iPhone users get with the new iOS

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Apple has announced that it is “testing some new features that will make the iPhone more practical with the arrival of the upcoming iOS system.” One of the most prominent features that Apple started testing with iOS 15 beta is the Speech Isolation feature that improves the sound quality during calls.

The above function recognizes ambient and external noises during calls and isolates these noises so that the caller’s voice can only be heard clearly during the call. According to Apple, activating this feature and using the external noise isolation features in modern Bluetooth wireless headphones ensures very clear sound during video and voice calls.

Apple is also testing a feature called Wide Spectrum in iOS 15 trials that works in reverse of the principle of the first feature, collecting the sounds around the user during calls to deliver them clearly to the call recipient, if the caller is on call. for example, listens to a specific number and wants to hear it from the recipient of the call, they will be able to hear it clearly. The upcoming iPhone software has an important feature called Notifications Summary, and this feature collects the notifications received on the user’s phone to display them in one file and at self-determined intervals, allowing the phone owner to feel at home, for example. can concentrate work and solve the problem of recurring notifications.

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