Huge turnout for Liwa Festival matches

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Liwa, Al Dhafra (Al Ittihad)

Today, the participations of “Al-Khalas” and “Al-Fard” are received for the Al Ain region and the open races in the seventeenth session of the Liwa Date Festival, which continues its competitions for the fifth day. In July, in the city of Liwa in the Al Dhafra region, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, and organized by the Abu Dhabi Cultural and Heritage Programs and Festivals Management Committee.
The Liwa Date Festival witnessed wide participation in the Rutb Al-Khunaizi Competition (for which 15 prizes worth 397,000 dirhams were awarded), Rutb Boumaan Competition (for which 15 prizes worth 397 thousand dirhams were awarded) and the Most Beautiful Rutab competition (10 prizes worth 54,000 dirhams were awarded) and 500 dirhams).

The organizing committee had established the conditions for participation in the competitions of the dates, where the production must be local and from the 2021 season, in order to be at the correct stage of maturity and the wetness percentage must not exceed 50%. entry must not contain more than one variety within the categories of the specific variety, except The weight of the participating wet is less than 10 kg in the individual items and is presented in two deviations The moisture must be free from insect pests and from dead insects, their eggs, larvae or their offal. The wet must be free of visible defects. The wet must not have an abnormal smell, taste, or be spoiled Mineral or gritty traces such as scars, the size of the wet must be appropriate, contain no unripe fruit and be free from pesticide and fertilizer residues, as the winning production in the laboratory will be tested.
As for the conditions of the most beautiful fairy tale, it requires: that the model of the fable is innovative and new and not shared in the previous seasons, well ventilated, that the model carries a new and clear idea and the nobility of the past with the beauty of the present, that the fable is wicker (handmade), and the raw materials used in The basket is decorated and molded 80/100 of them are handmade, easy to move and move, the general shape of the fable is consistent between the colors and components, the wet weight is 5 kilograms, the wet type luxury, the fable is attached to a card with the raw materials used, production methods, their names and type wet.

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Celebrating Heritage
Participants in the most beautiful fairytale competition confirmed that the Liwa Date Festival celebrates the palm and the heritage of the UAE, pointing out that it embodies the great role played by the wise leadership in supporting agriculture and farmers, and preserving and preserving heritage, customs and traditions.
They emphasized their enthusiasm to participate in this annual event, especially in the contest of the most beautiful fairy tale, and to present the most beautiful designs that combine the nobility of the past and the authenticity of the present, since participation in the contest is not the main goal to win the prize, but it is also to teach our children one of the most important professions that are still present for us. Today, it is the “wicker industry” that relies on palm leaves, producing many handicrafts, including the “basket”, combo, bags and other daily necessities.

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Receive messages
This Friday morning, the participants will receive the participation of the participants in the “Rubt Al-Khalas” and “Al-Fard” (open runs), and the “Rubt Al-Khalas” and “Al-Fard” competitions for Al Ain farms, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the festival site in Liwa City in the Al Dhafra region.
The organizing committee awarded 80 cash prizes over the four rounds, including 25 prizes for landscape architecture Rutb Al-Khalas (the open circuit), 25 prizes for landscape architecture Rutb Al-Khalas for farms in the Al Ain region, 15 prizes for landscape architecture Rutb Al – Khalas (the open circuit), and 15 awards for landscaping Rutb Al-Fard for farms in Al Ain.
The Judging Committees begin their duties upon completion of the submission processes and continue through the close of the following day, where the results of the Saturday night rescue and lay-up competitions are announced, with entries judged to precise specifications and standards, and the winning production is examined in the laboratory.

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It is worth noting that the organizing committee of the Liwa Date Festival has announced the change of the conditions of participation in the “Model Farm Competition” to include farms with an area of ​​​​15,000 square meters (15 dunums), in appreciation of the interest of farmers for their farms and encourage them to develop them and open the door to competition for the largest number of participants.
The Model Farm Competition includes three categories: (Eastern Teachers, Western Teachers and Al Dhafra cities), and 15 prizes are offered (with 5 prizes for each category) worth a total of two million two hundred and fifty thousand dirhams, and the winner of the first place in each category will receive a cash prize of 300 thousand dirhams, the second place 180,000 dirhams, the third 120 thousand dirhams, the fourth 90 thousand dirhams and the fifth 60 thousand dirhams as the results will be announced on the last day of the festival on July 25.


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