Murdoch double murder: South Carolina investigators leave 911 calls annoying

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One night in early June, South Carolina Lawyer Alex Murdoch came home to find his son and wife shot Dead Near the dog on their property in Aylton.

Newly released 911 call Murdoch revealed the traumatic moment for the first time after finding his 22-year-old son Paul and his 52-year-old wife Maggie on the ground.

The recording was released a few weeks after Fox News requested a public record of the June incident.

Hastily, in harsh words, Murdoch tells 911 senders, “It’s bad.” He said he had come home to find his wife and child shot, he had fallen to the ground and was not walking past the property dog.

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“I urgently need police and ambulances.” “My wife and child were shot and killed.”

At the beginning of the call, the sender asks them if the victims are breathing.

“No, madam,” Murdoch replies.

On Tuesday, June 8, 2021, a vehicle crashed into the driveway of a home in rural Colton County, SC, near Aylton. Authorities say a mother and son from a major South Carolina legal family have been shot dead on the family’s land. He made no arrests in the double murder case. Maggie Murdoff, 52, and her son Paul Murdoff, 22, were shot several times and their bodies were found near the dog’s home, said Richard Harvey, coroner for Coleton County. (Post and courier via Andrew J. Whitaker / AP)
(Post and courier via Andrew J. Whitaker / AP)

Asked if there was anyone else in the area, he replied in the same way. Should anyone else be there? Again “no mam”.

“None of them move.”

“What color is the outside of your house?” The sender asks for information that can help delegates respond.

“He’s white,” Murdoch replies. “[But] You can’t see from the street. “

She then tells him to first turn on the flashers in his vehicle to help vehicle owners find the dogs, then tell them not to touch the corpse.

“I’ve already touched them to see if they’re breathing,” he replies.

“Okay,” she says. “I don’t want you to move anything if they get any kind of evidence.”

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As deputies rushed to the scene, Murdoch repeatedly asked how long they would be. He then told the sender that he was going to call the other family members as they were waiting to come.

The mystery of the Murdoch murder of a prominent family in the county of Lockountry in South Carolina in a rural area on a coastal landmark near the Georgia State Line has caught national attention.

A few days later, Alex Murdoch’s 811-year-old father, Randolph Murdoch III, died of natural causes at his home in Warnville.

The tragedy has put the most important legal family in the area in trouble. This is a compelling personal injury for personal gain, and he is proud of three generations of the 14th Circuit Solicitor, the highest attorney in four generations.

Paul Murdoau Mugshot

Paul Murdoau Mugshot
(South Carolina Attorney General’s Office / WTAT-TV / DT)

But Paul Murdoch had to face serious criminal charges on drug charges after he was killed by a friend in Mallory Beach in 2011 and several people were injured in the crash. His father is a part-time plaintiff in the solicitor’s office. Case.

And state investigators say that while investigating the murder, they learned that they had reopened the case of 19-year-old Stephen Smith in the 201 case, who was found dead with serious head injuries in a rural area near Murdoch’s second property.

His death was officially decided as a hit-and-run, but the decision has been controversial.

“There’s no evidence that Todd Proctor, a former South Carolina trooper who led the preliminary investigation into Smith’s death, was involved in the hit-and-run, or even the vehicle.” Told Fox News Last month

“It seemed like more of a stage,” he said. “Possibly the body was placed on the street.”

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Because there would have been no traces of tires or broken parts of the car on the road and the tar would not have been crossed after Smith’s result.

Police said Smith’s car was found without gas and that he may have been walking and hit him in the head with a tractor and trailer mirror.

The link between Murdoch’s assassination and Smith’s death is unclear.

Alex Murdoch did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Griff Jenkins of Fox News contributed to this report.

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