Report: Blazers Reject CJ McCollum Trade Questions

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The Portland Trail Blazers are desperate to keep star player Damian Lillard happy. To achieve this goal, they need to upgrade their roster and improve the team. They realize this will not be achieved by handing out their second best player.

Portland has no picks in the upcoming NBA Draft. Some teams have attempted to acquire CJ McCollum in a trade with Portland by offering them a pick in this year’s draft. According to Jason Quick of The Athletic, the Blazers are not a nice trade offer for McCollum.

Instead, the Blazers are reportedly looking to improve their roster. Portland’s ideal path to improvement would be by getting a number 2 player better than McCollum. The Blazers know that McCollum is a good player, but they also recognize that he is weaker than the No. 2 player on championship teams.

Portland was able to run to the conference finals two years ago before running out of steam and being swept up by the Warriors. That’s probably their ceiling based on their selection. The path to improvement starts with adding good players, not subtracting them by getting rid of guys like McCollum.

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