What Olympic sports are Americans most looking forward to?

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What Olympic sports are Americans most looking forward to? | Sports Tasks & News | TooAthletic.com

With the Olympic Flame poised to be lit this week, a new survey of U.S. sports fans tells us which events are most likely to appear on our televisions in the coming weeks. That’s because the survey gauged how interested Summer Games viewers are in the 40 sports that will be shown in Tokyo. One thing became clear from the survey, and it’s not good news for two of the most popular sports in America and the network that plans to broadcast the Olympics in the United States.

The Morning Consult conducted a survey ahead of the rescheduled 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and asked how interested respondents were in seeing the 40 different types of sports that will start on Friday. To the surprise of few, Gymnastics leads the way. 62% of those surveyed said they were very or somewhat interested in watching Simone Biles and others work their magic. Part of what has made gymnastics the most popular sport of the Summer Games is that more women are interested in the sport than men.

The silver and bronze medals in this study were swimming and diving, two sports that have seen varying levels of success for Team USA. Thanks to swimmers like Michael Phelps, the pool is where the Red, White and Blue have had great success; part of the reason why 56% of those surveyed are very much or someone interested in seeing this year’s events.

Diving, on the other hand, is the third and final sport to gain more than 50% popularity among those who participated in the survey, but Team USA has only won two gold medals in the sport since 2000. A tribute to the beauty of the sport, as the network and fans are only drawn to the sports Americans win.

American sports leagues should be nervous because the survey also found that track and field, like beach volleyball, were more popular sports than basketball, with indoor volleyball between baseball and softball returning to the 2008 summer games for the first time this year. The reason for these lower points in the survey is that while more than half of the men are interested in hoops and hardball, only a third of the women were interested in attending the event at the Olympics.

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What Olympic sports are Americans most looking forward to? | TooAthletic.com

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