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Will the Afghan people and the international community accept that the ‘Taliban’ movement, still labeled as terrorist by the world, will regain control of Afghanistan after two decades of struggle?!

The question is justified after statements by Taliban political bureau spokesman Muhammad Naim on July 5: that the movement controls about 70% of Afghan countries and in some statements by other officials 85%, as well as after it became apparent that there is haste and urgency by the movement to control Afghanistan, which has left many decision-making circles in the world and the geographic environment of Afghanistan in panic and fear of what is happening on the ground .

Some may be surprised to ask such a question, not just because it came too late, when the ‘Taliban’ actually took control of most Afghan countries and started enforcing their laws, but rather on the basis of convenience country, as this is evidence of the existence of a popular breeding ground for the movement, and therefore the question is nothing more than it is absurd that it does not advance or slow down. However, it remains surprising to these people that it is far from the current logic of the international stage in dealing with terrorist ideological organizations.

That the Afghan and international community accept that return and do not resist it means that we must return to the issue of political and security tampering, perhaps in a more tragic situation than two decades ago, and perhaps Afghanistan will be the real refuge for all those who are fleeing security activities in their country of origin and those who are fleeing international persecution, and therefore we will be in a phase of “reproducing terrorism”, because the way the “Taliban” recently returned shows that it came up with the same previous ideas and behaviors, and therefore the threat will not be confined to Afghanistan alone.

I think the issue of the current international silence on what the “Taliban” is doing does not come up as an assessment of the movement’s true intentions, which was agreed upon during the two-year negotiations between the movement and Washington.

More generally, many things have changed at the international level in the past two decades, especially in the Middle East: the interests of the peoples of the region, including Afghanistan itself, have changed and the question of the rule of extremist organizations has been raised. no longer acceptable, from a standpoint that has become known to most people that they have not so much a vision of nation building as the application of ideas. It is not appropriate that the times and the export of terrorists the stability of the world according to their vision to own the whole truth.

There are two things to realize when we talk about the return of the Taliban to rule Afghanistan. First, that the international community, led by the United States, is not ready for Afghanistan to be a training ground for terrorists and a haven for all extremist organizations in the world, and therefore they will repeat the previous – 2001 experience, witnessing many humanitarian disasters.

Second, that the US withdrawal is an opportunity to prove to the Taliban that it is capable of being a movement that uses the tools of politics to achieve its goals, not terrorism and extremism, otherwise it will face the international community and Afghan society again, perhaps completely eliminating this time.

There is no doubt that everyone with the same previous ideas is concerned about the return of the Taliban, but the belief that the American exit is the complete abolition of Afghanistan is an easy way to think, at least that Washington’s arrival is for a long time to come. time. term investments, especially since Afghanistan is a crucial country in the competition with China, therefore the Taliban movement must be smarter in understanding the space left to return to the Afghan stage if it decides to go ahead and participate in the Afghan government. Otherwise, the return of the international armed forces is not excluded.


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