After winning the Philippines’ first Olympic gold, the weightlifter trained with a broomstick

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Weightlifter Hedlin Diaz won the Philippines’ first Olympic gold on Monday and won the women’s 55kg event, also setting an Olympic record..

On her Instagram account, she posted videos of her training during the coronavirus lockdown in December 2020, using broomsticks and temporary weights to train in preparation for the Olympics..

Diaz commented on the video: “Have you ever had this moment? You will do anything to train and improve your skills, from training with water bottles that eventually turned into bags of water bottles during the lockdown.”

Training to lift weights

The 30-year-old Diaz lifted 224 kg (97 snatches and 127 nets), setting an Olympic record, ahead of China’s Qiuyun Liao 223 kg and Kazakh Zulfia Shenshanlu 213.

Practice with a broomstick
Practice with a broomstick

Diaz has previously secured a place in her country’s sporting history, akin to boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, as the only woman to win an Olympic medal, when she surprisingly won silver five years ago and ended the medal drought for the Philippines. that lasted 20 years.

Training weightlifter with a broom
Training weightlifter with a broom

It is worth noting that the last medal that the Philippines won in the Olympic Games in the 2016 edition was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in boxing matches..

The Philippines will participate in these Olympics with 19 athletes, 9 men and 9 women, in weightlifting, swimming, taekwondo, boxing, skiing, shooting, rowing, judo, golf, athletics and gymnastics..


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