Why the world is excited about Expo 2020 Dubai

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Expo 2020 Dubai is next World Expo to exhibit international designs that highlight the technological achievements of countries around the world.

This six-month event will showcase technology that emphasizes three key themes: sustainability, mobility and opportunity. And true to the theme, Dubai has created a giant venue made with sustainable materials and made with the aim of reusing the assets after the event.

Dubai welcomes more than 190 countries, where each country will host individual pavilions that will represent their culture and their innovations! The expo presents technology of the future from the best in the world!

At the Dubai Expo 2020 you will see the amalgamation of 10 years of human development that will leave everyone in awe

Expected to be millions of people from all over the world, rest assured that Dubai will show the world true Emirati hospitality.

A little glimpse of what to expect from the world’s largest global collaboration

One of the pavilions, Terra, was open to the public and you could get a glimpse of what the Expo had in store for the world. It showed how important it is to protect the environment and why sustainability is the only future. Once the Expo is over, the Terra Pavilion will be transformed into a Science Center – amazing!

The pavilions that are not anchored in fixed fixes are later dismantled and the materials are reused. Countries were given full permission to build pavilions with sustainable materials.

Even the entrance of EXPO is extraordinary, the delivery of the gates was one of the most complex deliveries of all time

Building such an event was complex to say the least. UPS Vice President of Expo 2020 Dubai Sponsorship and Operations, Allan Williams said the delivery of the three carbon fiber gates for the Expo entrance, which had traveled from Germany to Antwerp and then to Dubai, was one of the most complex deliveries she made. had undertaken, and there were many more such examples. All this was achieved even with the challenges of the pandemic.

Themes will continue to run, meaning one visit won’t be enough

You can’t see the whole Expo in a few days. And if you managed to see it, it’s worth checking it out later, because there are many sub-themes that continue to change, from climate and biodiversity to space travel to tolerance and inclusiveness.

It will bring in the best artists from all over the world

Expo will also facilitate a lot entertainers and eye-catching display cases. Street parties and parades will be a common occurrence. Many world-class artists are already ready to perform on the world stage. AR Rahman and Mariah Carey have already taken the stage to promote the event. K-pop band Stray Kids have been named ambassadors of the South Korean Pavilion and will perform.

The Expo also brings a lot of contemporary art and culture to light by installing a wide variety of creations, workshops and single performances. One of the most anticipated shows is the Al Wasl Opera, which will bring together more than 100 musicians to tell the history of the UAE.

It will also be a treasure trove for foodies and one of the many things Expo will do is make your mouth water. Here you learn the future of food yourself, and how you buy and prepare food will change in the future. At the Expo you could taste food that will become popular in the coming decades.

The pavilions look ace

If you don’t want to see the technology and the future at the Expo, you can visit it to see the unbelievably amazing architecture. There are more than 90 unique pavilions. Expo is home to the largest 360-degree projection surface in the world. From the revolving watchtower you can get a bird’s-eye view of the entire ground. This should be first on your hit list when you visit!

A mix of intrigue for entrepreneurs, students, teachers and more

For all of you entrepreneurs out there, Expo has you covered. They have planned international corporate events such as investor pitching and investment forums. They make a business matchmaking app that will help you connect with the people you’re looking for! Expo shows how great it is to start a business in Dubai!

Expo wants to give students and teachers a once-in-a-lifetime experience with its facilities. They have built up experiences for all levels of education. From teaching morals to children to helping college students find the right path in life – the world event hopes to enlighten everyone.

The Expo is the event of the decade. The fruit of 10 years of careful planning and building is about to begin, and the world is coming to see it. So don’t miss out on any of the great things Expo has planned for the world!

Ready for October 31 like

Expo 2020 opens its gates on October 1, 2021

All information via Expo 2020

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