Democratic blood donor Ed Buck convicted of drug overdose death of 2 men in apartment

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Democracy Political donor Ed Buck Were Convicted In an overdose of two drug overdoses on Tuesday and injecting men with methamphetamine in a sex change, what lawyers say is a pattern of attracting black men to it. Angel Area apartments as part of the sex fungus.

Buck, who has contributed more than ,000 500,000 to pro-democracy groups since 2000, was convicted on nine federal charges, including two counts of distribution of controlled substances resulting in the deaths of Gamsil Moore in July 201 and the death of Timothy Dean in January 201. .

The decision came after a two-week trial in Los Angeles County after more than four hours of deliberations by the court. Federal prosecutors accused Buck of giving methamphetamine to black men in his West Hollywood apartment, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness.

The station, owned by Fox, “accused U.S. Assistant Attorney Lindsay Bailey in her detention argument,” said helpless, vulnerable victims would be found and repeatedly prosecuted until they became unconscious, “said Assistant U.S. Attorney Lindsay Bailey. KTTV-TV Reported. “That’s what he liked – strength gave him sexual satisfaction. … Every time he stuck a needle in someone’s hand, God was playing. And he never stopped – not even after two men died.”

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This September 19, 2019, Ed Buck is appearing in Los Angeles Superior Court of Los Angeles. (AP Photo / Damien Dovergens, file)

Plaintiff Buck, 66, Operated a drug den in his West Hollywood home, Where he gave men methamphetamine against their will during a sexual encounter. He said he exploited the insecure people who came to his house.

Many were drug addicts who worked as prostitutes to support their habit. Defense attorneys said the death toll from the overdose was not due to methamphetamine, and that many of the alleged victims were drug addicts and died of other medical conditions.

One of Buck’s lawyers, Ludlow Carrie II, said his client had been involved in a sex session in which he had involved drugs with men he met online, but he could not be held responsible for the deaths of the two.

“It’s a subculture, a lifestyle that can be shocking to some of us,” he said during his ban argument. “Everyone involved was there voluntarily.”

While Ed Buck is not shown as the Republican candidate for governor of California in Los Angeles, Meg Whiteman could be brought into the campaign.  (AP Photo / Damien Dovergens, file)

While Ed Buck is not shown as the Republican candidate for governor of California in Los Angeles, Meg Whiteman could be brought into the campaign. (AP Photo / Damien Dovergens, file)

Activists pressured prosecutors to take action after Moore died on the floor of Buck’s apartment. Dean, 55, was charged nine months after his death. Then-Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey said there was not enough evidence to file charges in the two deaths.

Dan Brown, a third person, told investigators he was taken to hospital after Buck injected methamphetamine. He was initially arrested in September 201 on state charges. He said he met Buckley on a gay dating and escort site and had gone with him for some part of the summer of 2019.

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Family members and law enforcement commentators said Buck had fled criminal prosecution for several years because of his wealth and social behavior.

Johan Campbell, one of Dean’s sisters, said after the verdict, “This man did some terrible things for men.”

Bok faces a minimum of 20 years in prison for each drug delivery charge for the cause of death. The date of sentencing has not been fixed.

The Associated Press contributed to the report.

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