Why the Denver Broncos are the frontrunners to land Aaron Rodgers in 2022

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There is a ceasefire in the Aaron Rodgers holdout saga. The iconic QB has agreed to play for the Green Bay Packers this season in exchange for a new contract that will allow him to run at the end of 2021.

While Packers fans rejoice that they have Rodgers one more year, it has not escaped their notice that this is a marriage of convenience that is due to get divorced in a year. The pre-nups are signed, though, so let’s see where this one goes.

At the same time, other teams are already circling March in their calendars. The Denver Broncos have already set a countdown timer and will be the frontrunners to land Aaron Rodgers in 2022. This is why.

Aaron Rodgers to Denver: Set the Timer to One Year

Denver needs a new quarterback in 2022

2021 felt like the time to take a big step for a new signal caller. Even before the season started, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeither Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Lock down the middle in a division run by Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert and Derek Carr seemed hopeless.

More than most other teams in 2021, the Broncos appear to be a dead-end team, waiting for Drew Lock and Bridgewater to completely blow out before being ready to get a top quarterback in 2022. Rodgers, for his part, has set himself up to fulfill just that.

Barring one miracle, the Broncos will line up for a top roster in 2022. Their options are Aaron Rodgers or draft a quarterback. The Broncos will have to choose one path. Chances are, after six years of missing the playoffs, the temptation for an immediate turnaround will be too great, and the Broncos will be willing to spend a fortune to get him signed to Denver.

Denver doesn’t have to trade this time keer

Over the design weekend, as discussions picked up momentum, it seemed that no price was too high to bring in Aaron Rodgers. However, Broncos general manager George Paton ultimately decided not to invest a fortune in draft capital and players to get the quarterback. His willingness to say no in the heat of battle may have worked for Denver in the long run.

Since Aaron Rodgers is expected to be a free agent in 2022, the Broncos will not have to waive any players or draft picks to sign him. Of course they have to spend millions to get him in the building. However, in many situations, design capital is more valuable than money. Whatever price Rodgers calls, the Broncos will be willing to pay.

George Paton witnessed Aaron Rodgers dominance single-handedly

George Paton worked in the front office of Minnesota Vikings for years before landing with the Denver Broncos. During that time, he witnessed division rival Aaron Rodgers destroy his team’s hopes season after season.

Chasing that dominance with a man who will be a free agent next year will be too big of an opportunity for George Payton to miss.

Aaron Rodgers is already interested in Denver

During the off-season, Aaron Rodgers was reportedly interested in landing in the AFC West with either the Las Vegas Raiders or the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos seemed like the most interesting match for a quarterback looking to win a Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos have as full a roster as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did before Tom Brady arrived.

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
Divisional Round – Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers

The Broncos have three number one wide receivers in Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler in addition to Noah Fant and Melvin Gordon. Defensively, the Broncos have the likes of Von Miller, Bradley Chubb and Justin Simmons. This becomes a Super Bowl-caliber roster once you throw Aaron Rodgers into the mix.

Aaron Rodgers has also said he wouldn’t mind sharing a division with Patrick Mahomes. After all, he is the reigning MVP.


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