Abu Dhabi (WAM)

Yesterday, the Cyber ​​​​Security Council launched the first phase of the national initiative “Addressing the Gaps”, which aims to improve the cybersecurity system, strengthen the country’s leading position in global competitiveness indicators and to consolidate trust of members of society and government and private institutions to participate safely in protecting systems.
The two Emirates Telecommunications Group companies “Etisalat” and the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company “du”, in partnership with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government, are managing the first launch of the “Address Gaps” program for the Cyber ​​​​​​Security Council within the telecommunications sector in the country. This initiative aims to promote a culture of cybersecurity and protect the components of digital transformation in the country and its benefits in all sectors, and based on the forward-looking vision and guidelines of rational leadership based on the scientific reality of the future .
The Cyber ​​​​Security Council presents this national initiative with the aim of improving the cyber security system in the country as the “Adjusting Gaps” program strives for the highest standards of protection of vital infrastructure in the UAE, including the energy, communications and defense. The cooperation between telecom operators under this government initiative stems from the prominent importance of this sector as a primary cyber defense line and because these projects aim to protect and preserve the digital infrastructure in the country according to the best international standards and practices. This program will allow different sectors in the country to benefit from the services provided by national and international researchers specializing in cybersecurity, under a program that includes incentives and deals with testing related to cybersecurity breaches, the identifying related vulnerabilities, discovering gaps and addressing them to prevent cyber-attacks. The program supports awarding prizes to the parties that successfully identify errors, hacks, weaknesses and loopholes in applications, sites and systems.
dr. Mohammed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber ​​Security for the UAE Government, said: The national initiative “Addressing the Gaps” represents a significant opportunity that embodies the country’s ambition to test innovative methods leading to improving the level of cybersecurity of the electronic infrastructure in the country in light of the development of this program to incorporate a greater number of our expertise nationally in the next phases. Al-Kuwaiti added that after the end of the first phase of the initiative, the results will be evaluated and the possibility of the program entering the full implementation phase, the empowerment of cybersecurity researchers and their access to clear guidance, and establishing the necessary engagement rules to face, analyze and deter cyber-attacks. The program is continuously tested by adopting best practices and international standards, in addition to the tools, tactics and procedures commonly used in cyber-attacks, with the aim of ensuring a safe environment for government and private institutions, and that the program delivers value for all participants. In addition to this program, the Cyber ​​​​Security Council is presenting a series of initiatives aimed at developing the level of cybersecurity in the UAE, and the “Address Gaps” program is expected to have a wide local coverage at the level from government agencies, private companies, academic and scientific centers and other entities with vital infrastructure.