5 killed in clashes between clans and “Hezbollah” in Khaldeh

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Beirut (Al Ittihad, Agencies)

Five people were killed and ten injured in clashes between the “Hezbollah” militia and the Khaldeh clans, “Arab Wadi Khaled”, south of Beirut, during the funeral of a militia officer named Ali Shibli, who was killed while attending a wedding in the Jiyeh area yesterday, in an operation to avenge a man of the family Ghosn “Arab Khaldeh”.
Local sources said the Lebanese army has sent military reinforcements to the Khaldeh area to keep the situation under control, and is working to close all roads leading to the area. The Lebanese army command has announced the intensification of its deployment of its troops in the “Khalde” area, and it is conducting foot and motorized patrols and warning that its troops will fire at any armed man on the scene.
Roads and towards anyone who offers to shoot elsewhere. According to the information, the road from Khaldeh to Beirut was closed for some time due to heavy gunfire from several sources before it was opened. Lebanese prime ministerial candidate Najib Mikati, for his part, commented on the events in Khaldeh, saying: “We call for restraint in our right to bloodshed and not to get caught up in strife and futile fighting.”
In addition, Lebanese President Michel Aoun announced that he had asked the military to take immediate measures to restore calm in the area.
khaldeh. The presidency of the Lebanese Republic said in a statement that “President Aoun has been monitoring the unfortunate security incidents in the Khaldeh area, which have resulted in deaths and injuries.” According to the statement, President Aoun called for the arrest of the gunmen, the withdrawal of the gunmen and the safe movement of residents on the international road.
In this context, the “Union of Sons of Arab Tribes” in Lebanon said in a statement that we have previously warned about what is happening in the Khaldeh area. The statement included: “What is happening in his mind now we have warned before, and we have remained attractive for a year and we have spared no effort not to enter into battle in which we have no elegance or camel, and we refused the to pay for the battle for Hezbollah’s weapons.”
The statement added: “Here we go to the party leadership, we still have time to miss the opportunity and bury the struggle and resort to the language of reason and law. In the rest of the regions and across the country, for misleading media and social networking sites that broadcast fake news and incite incitement.” In the statement, the “Union of Sons of Arab Tribes” called on the leadership of the Lebanese military, security forces, and spiritual and political leadership to act quickly to stop the fighting before it is too late and things get out of hand. walk .
In addition, the Future Movement called in a statement yesterday to stay away from anything that could lead to strife and not to resort to reactions that would worsen things in the country.
The party said: “The leadership of the Future Movement is monitoring the developments of the dangerous security situation in Khaldeh and is liaising with the concerned and competent authorities, in particular the references of the Arab clans, to work towards calm and not any sedition.”
The movement also established contacts with the leadership of the military and security forces to bring the situation under control and prevent the development of events, and called on all concerned to join hands to help the official security and armed forces deal with the situation. to cope.
The movement added in the statement: “Expressing its deep regret at the deaths and injuries and the loss of control in the manner that is taking place, it, under the direct leadership of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, calls on all Lebanese to inform and to stay away from anything that could lead to strife, and not to resort to comments that would worsen matters in any region, and avoid publishing unwarranted news or comments on social media.
He concluded: “Every Lebanese is responsible in these critical hours, and every Lebanese is anxious to participate in extinguishing the fire and avert incitement, and to cooperate with the Lebanese military and security forces to prevent this decline.” fuses.”

The United Nations launches a plan to help the needy in Lebanon
The United Nations has announced that it will launch a one-year emergency plan on August 4 to address the needs of the most vulnerable Lebanese and migrant workers most affected by the current crisis in Lebanon.
United Nations Deputy Special Coordinator in Lebanon, Najat Rushdi, said during her meeting with Interim Minister of Social Affairs and Tourism, Ramzi Musharrafieh, that the emergency plan is a continuation of the Lebanon-Syrian response plan for 2017, regarding the impact of the Syrian crisis for Lebanon. She explained that “the emergency plan is a humanitarian and exceptional response to alleviate the suffering of the targeted population, and aims to reduce tensions within and between the displaced and the host communities.” Rushdi also stated that “the plan will address the humanitarian needs of one million people in the food security, health, nutrition, education, water and protection sectors, and includes a special chapter for the voluntary return of migrant workers.” She pointed out that “the strategies of these sectors have been developed in a way that is consistent with Lebanon’s plan for the Syrian crisis, complements it and ensures that no harm is done by taking into account the concept of conflict sensitivity”, and expressed the hope that the most vulnerable groups will not be neglected.


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