More than half a century after humans traveled to the moon, scientists reveal new secrets about it

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A study has found that the module responsible for the rise of Apollo 11 and which helped Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin return safely from the lunar surface can still orbit the moon and will not crash as previously believed. Thought, the new study indicates that part of the Apollo 11 ‘Eagle’ (LM) lunar module is still running.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” James Medor, a space conservator in California, performed simulations of the expected orbit of the moon’s ascent phase using the General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT), developed by NASA as part of the GRAIL project. spacecraft, and found that it can still orbit the moon at about 100 km, the same distance it was left behind.

“These results indicate that the Eagle module can remain in orbit around the moon today,” MIDOR wrote in the study. MIDOR’s simulations show that the dangerous rise in the time periods of 1969-1970 and 2019-2020 was about the same.

He continued, “While devastating results for the unit are possible, there is a possibility that this machine has entered an inert state, allowing it to remain in orbit to this day… If so, it should be detected by radar, similar to how the Indian Lunar Orbiter Chandrayaan-1 was transported in 2016 (JPL, 2017).

The Eagle’s ascent was an irregularly shaped unit about 2.8cm high [متر] It is 4.0 by 4.3 meters wide,” according to NASA, and it housed astronauts Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin during their descent to the moon and subsequent return.

Armstrong and Aldrin left the lunar surface with their 22 kg load of moon rocks and used the climb phase to meet the Columbia Command Module and Major Pilot Michael Collins.


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