Discover the value of the prize money that Al-Baqali will receive after winning the gold at the Tokyo Olympics

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Moroccan Olympic champion Soufiane Bakkali has bagged a major financial prize after winning the gold medal in the 3000m steeplechase on Monday at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

El-Baqali receives a financial award of $230,000 from the International Olympic Committee in exchange for the gold medal.

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Who gave Al-Baqali the gold of the Tokyo Olympics?

The Moroccan Olympic Committee had established the extent of the rewards and scholarships for the participants before traveling to the Tokyo Olympics, and awarded this financial prize to each gold-crowned champion, with the silver holder receiving $120,000, while holding a amount of $60,000 had been set for the bronze medalists.

Sofiane El Bakkali could get another award if he was lucky enough to take the podium in the 1500 meters race, which he decided to participate in to increase Morocco’s chances of winning and add more medals to his balance in this session.

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