Adam Kinzinger criticized the GOP’s fears about Afghan refugees

Adam Kinzinger criticized the GOP’s fears about Afghan refugees

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Il.) On Sunday slammed right-wing media and politicians involved in making “fearful” statements about Afghans seeking refuge in the United States from the Taliban.

Kinzinger, an Air Force veteran flying missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been highly critical of the Biden and Trump administration’s contributions to the failure in Afghanistan since the Taliban took control this month. Thousands People are still trying to flee the country After the rebels overthrew the capital and much of the country.

Appearing on CNN, Kinzinger said that although he believed both sides were to blame, “things can’t go on when America is ashamed in front of the world.”

He was then asked about members of his party who are using the crisis as a political opportunity, including preparing refugees as “aggressors”.

Kinzinger noted that most of his GOP colleagues supported legislation passed last month that would make it easier for Afghan citizens to help the U.S. military apply for special immigrant visas. But 16 House Republicans who voted against it “should be asked why,” he added.

“But what you see is in the media echo chamber, it’s scary,” he added. “It’s ‘they’re coming next to you, it’s an army of people who haven’t been investigated.'”

“It’s not American. You may always have questions about how this was implemented, but the United States has always been an open-hearted country, ”he said, adding that refugees in the United States have always worked and fought hard for success.

“If someone wants to go out and be scared and you want to keep that darkness in your heart and say it so that you can win the election: a) you are bad in your own heart, or, b) you are a Charlton who just The interest is to win re-election and you can’t say you really care about the health of the American people. ”

Since the fall of the Afghan government, many right-wingers have raised fears about asylum seekers. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Described as an attack, Warned viewers that Afghan refugees might settle in their neighborhood. His colleague Laura Ingram Asked“Is it your responsibility to welcome thousands of potential undocumented refugees from Afghanistan?” And Charlie Kirk, conservative talk radio host, Said President Joe Biden deliberately gave Columbus to Afghanistan so that he could “allow another two million Ilhan Umars to come to the United States to change their body permanently politically.”

This article originally appeared Huffpost And has been updated.

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