Britain has called on G7 leaders to consider imposing sanctions on the Taliban

Britain has called on G7 leaders to consider imposing sanctions on the Taliban

Britain urges G7 leaders to consider new sanctions against Taliban Reuters reports.

Speaking to two officials, the wire service reported that Britain would consider taking punitive action against the Taliban if the G7 countries, which include the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada, allowed the country to join the rebel group. Promoting extremists or violating the human rights of citizens.

Punitive measures will allegedly take the form of withholding aid or sanctions to the country.

The two countries will meet on Tuesday to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

“I will convene a meeting of G7 leaders on Tuesday to discuss the situation in Afghanistan urgently. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote on Twitter on Sunday that the international community must work together to ensure safe community evacuation, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the people of Afghanistan.

President BidenJoe BidenBiden will address the nation on Sunday afternoon about the withdrawal from Afghanistan Pelosi says the house is working to pass infrastructure bills by Oct. 1 A Facebook report found that the longest link in a 3-month period was to a doctor who died after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. More On Sunday, he was asked if he supported sanctions against the Taliban.

“The answer is yes. It depends on the behavior,” Biden told reporters in the Roosevelt room.

Asked if he believed in the Taliban, he told a questioning reporter, “I don’t believe in anyone, including you.”

“The Taliban have said – we’ll see if they mean it – they’re looking for legitimacy. They are looking for legitimacy to determine if they will be recognized by other countries, ”Biden said. “They have told other countries, as well as us, that we do not want to completely shake our political presence. But that – so, it’s all just talk now. Now talk to everyone. ”

“And so far the Taliban have not taken action against the US military. So far, they have done a lot to allow Americans to go and things like that, ”he added.

I wondered what the Secretary of Defense was contradicting Lloyd AustinLloyd AustinThe Pentagon is considering registering commercial airlines to help evacuate Afghanistan US military finds ‘alternative route’ to Kabul airport amid ISIS-K threat: report Threats, chaos and negotiations are signs of a withdrawal from Afghanistan More He told members when he called Friday afternoon Confessed He was aware that some Americans and Afghans were “harassed or beaten by the Taliban” on their way to Kabul airport.


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