Egyptian Fatwa Responds To “Part-Time” Marriage Interaction

Egyptian Fatwa Responds To “Part-Time” Marriage Interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa commented on what is circulating among activists on social media about the demand for a new type of marriage called “part-time” in English, meaning “partial” or not . full time.

Egypt’s Iftaa said in two tweets it posted on its official Twitter page: “We should not get carried away by the call for the modernity of the terminology in the marriage contract, which has increased in recent times, in which the love of appearance , fame and destabilization of values, which creates confusion in society and negatively affects the meaning of stability and cohesion. The family that our true religion loves and is nourished by the laws of the state.”

And she continued: “What some people do to give new names to the marriage contract and their determination that it is time for a certain time and so on, leads to the invalidity of the validity of this contract…”

She added: “The legal marriage is intended for permanence and continuity and not to be tempted at any point in time, otherwise it is a forbidden marriage and does not have the effects of a legal marriage.”


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