Jimmy Hart compares current wrestlers to those of his time

Jimmy Hart compares current wrestlers to those of his time

Legendary manager Jimmy Hart has spoken out about the current struggle.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Jose G, The Mouth of the South was asked about the difference in today’s product. Hart responded by stating that today’s wrestlers are more athletic and can do things that weren’t necessary before. He also discussed the role of social media nowadays.

“Well, I think a lot of the wrestlers are very athletic now. You know what I mean. I mean, they can do so many different things than they did in our day, we didn’t, we didn’t really have to do it back then, but “It’s just so good that they’ve got social media behind them now, which sometimes gives you a shortcut to the top I guess if you’ve got what it takes. But I love the talent they have from head to toe now.” said Jimmy Hart.

Jimmy Hart praised NXT for the growth of the newer superstars.

“And we have a great training facility in Orlando, Florida, NXT and a lot of young and emerging superstars come from there.”

Jimmy Hart wants to lead Baron Corbin

Later in the interview, Jimmy Hart was asked who he would like to manage from the current roster. He stated that he would like to lead Baron Corbin and praised him for his work.

“He’s got the height, he’s got the weight, he’s got everything, he’s got the look. We just need to get him back in order,” said Jimmy Hart.

Meanwhile, after his loss to Big E at SummerSlam, Baron Corbin stated that he would have to declare bankruptcy as his financial situation has bottomed out.

You can watch the full interview with Jimmy Hart below:

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