The main leaks about the “iPhone 14” phones

The main leaks about the “iPhone 14” phones

Apple’s launch of the iPhone 13 series is closer than ever. We are only a few weeks away from this event. However, this did not prevent leaks and expectations about the iPhone 14 and the upcoming 2022 phones.

Of course, the current leaks about the iPhone 14 are not entirely true. It just gives us a first look at this early release. Specialists point out that Apple itself may not have finalized its plans for the iPhone 14.

According to the Arab Tech News Portal, the iPhone 14 is expected to come in four different versions. These versions mainly differ from each other in screen size. While in 2022 a new version of the “Mini” may appear.

iPhone 14 phones are coming in 2022, specifically in September, the fixed date of the year that was only broken in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new phones come with Apple’s flagship A16 processor. There is no information about this chip yet, and in fact there is not much information about the A15 chip coming in the iPhone 13 after a few weeks.

Since Apple introduced a 5nm processor last year, which is very high manufacturing accuracy, we don’t expect more complex beats over short periods of time.

Information was previously leaked from JP Morgan Chase that the frame used in the 14th version will be titanium and not stainless steel.

In another report, we learned that Apple will introduce LTPO OLED screens with a frequency of 120 Hz in the iPhone 14. These screens will come from the manufacture of the leading company LG in this field. Perhaps this leak was largely disappointing, as it hinted that the iPhone 13 will not offer this feature.

Famed Apple sweetheart Ming-Chi Kuo shared a leak stating that Apple will be fixing the under-display fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 14 as well. This phone comes in four versions as mentioned before, as follows:

Mini version with 5.4 inch screen
Standard version with 6.1 inch screen
Pro version measures 6.1 inches
Pro Max version measures 6.7 inches
This while previous leaks have indicated that Apple plans to launch a “Max” version at a lower price. It will probably be the same as the regular version, but with a bigger screen, without any changes to the specs or cameras.


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