Sydney Swans Player Ratings vs GWS, Second Elimination Final, Reviews, Stats, Best & Worst Players

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Sydney Swans Player Ratings vs GWS, Second Elimination Final, Reviews, Stats, Best & Worst Players

Amid a contractual stalemate, Swans co-captain Luke Parker produced one of his best games yet.

And Isaac Heeney arrived on the final podium.

We are judging all 23 Sydney players for their performances against GWS in the second elimination final.

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1. Chad Warner

Taken out for his first game since round 12 – and what a game to get into. Finished with 11 divestments. 4

5. Isaac Heeney

That was a final performance worthy of superstar status. Started on a grand piano next to Tim Taranto. Was on the ball early on before being pushed deep into the 50’s in the third term – and it stuck at two awesome team-lifting goals from six disposals. He then stepped up again in the fourth term with a further two goals to put the Swans within kicking distance. Finished with 4.1 out of 21 divestments and eight engagement scores. Cameron Ling told Channel 7: “Maybe we’re just watching Isaac Heeney take himself to a new level. So much potential, so much talent and he’s played really good football in his 129 games. But this is the next level.” 9

7. Harry Cunningham

Rotated by a variety of opponents on the defensive. Finished with 12 divestments and 88 percent went on foot. 5

8. James Rowbottom

Showed excellent defensive pressure which helped fuel the Swans in the third term. Finished with nine tackles to go with 15 touches. 6

9. Will Hayward

Manned by Sam Reid. The whole game presented well and seemed likely, but missed a few shots on target. Startup 0.2 of 12 divestments. 4

11. Tom Papley

Huge first minutes from the All-Australian. Started mid-game and got opening clearance then took a strong score leading to the first goal of the game en route to seven first term disposals. Only one removal in the last installment, though. Had two goals from 16 touches. 6

13. Oliver Florent

On a wing next to Harry Perryman early but played in a bit more as the game went on. Finished with 16 divestments. 5

21. Errol Gulden

Only 19 years old, but played well beyond his age and showed great intensity throughout the match. Had a few runs in the center but did much of his damage on the outside, with 14 disposals, a 77 percent pedaling efficiency and six within the 50’s. 6

23. Lance Franklin

As expected, manned by Sam Taylor. It took a while for him to warm up in the game, causing him to regularly push the ground to get his hands on the ball. Slipped off the couch and conjured a stunning banana goal to bring the Launceston crowd to life, before adding two more in the second term to make the football world dream of hitting 1000 goals ahead of schedule. But he played a selfless part in the third term, pushing the ground up and letting Isaac Heeney thrive. Had a chance to win the game in the last two minutes but just missed. The milestone of 1000 goals will have to wait. 7

24. Dane Rampe

Sent to Toby Greene and was exposed in the first half. Had nine disposals in the first term, but his opponent kicked two goals to unleash the Giants. However, got better as the competition went on and ended with 21 disposals and 568m won. 7

26. Luke Parker

Sign him up quickly, Swans. Was solid in the first half and then absolutely crucial to inspire his squad’s great comeback in the third quarter. Finished with a game-high 34 divestments, 16 disputed assets and eight evictions. Contract negotiations are stuck at a stalemate and rival clubs are well aware of the Sydney salary cap – so untie them now, Swans! 8

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27. Justin McInerney

Started half way back and finally pushed forward. One of the many Swans who got a chance to win the match late, but his dribble kick fell short. Finished with 14 disposals, six of which came in the second term as the Swans launched their attack. 5

29. George Hewett

Typically tough on the coal front and brilliant defensively. Busy first term with seven disposals, three cleanups and three tackles. Had 19 disposals, 12 disputed possessions and six evictions, but laid a whopping 13 tackles. 7

30. Tom McCartin

Started on Harry Himmelberg but sank as often as possible and picked up five interceptions in the first half. Only the two goals in the second half. 6

31. Tom Hickey

A great season but probably his colors were down against Shane Mumford. Still had 15 hits and 11 of his 33 hit outs went in favor. One of many Swans to miss a crucial shot on target late. 6

32. James Bell

An early confidence booster, who came at the end of a great Swans ball move to kick his side’s second goal of the game. But missed a great set-shot opportunity in the last quarter. 5

34. Jordan Dawson

Big start to the game, with nine divestments and four in the 50s in the first term alone. But after fifteen minutes he lacked the same energy and impact that had made him such a weapon for the Swans. Still done with 18 dives, eight marks, seven within the 50s and six tackles. 6

38. Colin O’Riordan

Rotated by various opponents on the defensive. No major impact on the game. 4

41. Hayden McLean

Started within 50 but grabbed the ruck at forward 50 stops and helped Tom Hickey relieve when he needed a break. Five of his 11 hit-outs went in favor of a teammate. Unfortunately, he had to retire at the start of the fourth term due to a knee injury. 5

42. Robbie Fox (medical sub)

Replaced Hayden McLean at the start of the fourth quarter and immediately applied a big tackle. However, he didn’t get much chance to influence the game. N/A

43. Lewis Melican

Strong comeback. Went to Jesse Hogan and was exposed in the second and third quarters as the Giants forward picked up some huge disputed points. But closed in the last term, with nine divestments and five intercepts in the last quarter alone. Finished with 17 touches for the game. 6

44. Jake Lloyd

Tagged by Matt de Boer and struggled to make an impact early on. Had an average of 28.2 disposals this season, but only had six at halftime (including one in Q2). Things started to get busy in the third term as the defensive pressure seemed to ease on him. Finished with 1 touch before the match and went on foot at 95 percent. 5

45. Sam Wicks

Asked to hold Nick Haynes accountable. Finished with 11 disposals and five tackles. 5


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