4,257 new cases and 53 deaths – Corriere.it

4,257 new cases and 53 deaths – Corriere.it

by Paola Caruso

Data for Monday, August 30. The positivity rate increases to 3.9% (yesterday 2.7%) with 109,803 swabs. 1,600 infections in 24 hours in Sicily, zero in Valle d’Aosta. Admissions: +131. Intensive Care Unit: +23 at 50 CPR admissions

I am 4,257 new cases of coronavirus in Italy (yesterday there were 5,959, here the bulletin). At least that’s how it goes 4,534,499 the number of people who have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) since the outbreak began. THE deaths today I am 53* (yesterday there were 37), for a total of 129,146 victims from February 2020. People recovered or discharged they are totally 4,263,960 e 3.854 those who came out of the Covid nightmare today (4298 yesterday). The positive current – the test subjects who have the virus – appear to be in everything 141.393, equal to 346 more than yesterday (+1,619 the day before).

The smears and the screenplay

l total swabs (molecular and antigenic) were 109,803, or 113,283 less than yesterday when it was 223,086. While the speed of positivity sell already 3.9% (the approximation of 3.877%); yesterday it was 2.7%. That the map of the contagion in Italy.

Fewer infections in 24 hours than yesterday. It happens every Monday because of fewer smears (the lowest number of tests of the week): The curve hits the minimum point of its weekly swing. From the comparison with the last Monday (August 23) – on the same day of the week – when +4,168 cases were registered with a positive rate of 4.1%, the scenario seems to be stationary: in fact, the number of new infections today is close to that of August 23, with a ratio of slightly lower letters on the test (3.9% versus 4.1%).

According to the physicist Giorgio Sestilic, the stable epidemiological situation for three weeks and should remain so for the next two or three weeks. The real test will be there reopening of schools – emphasizes Sstili – without forgetting the resumption of work, with public transport that will again become crowded, which could lead to an increase in the number of cases. The main thing will be not to put the healthcare system in trouble.

At European level, as the WHO explains, some countries in the area are beginning to burden hospitals more and more, while delay vaccinations. To confirm Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe. Specify: Last week we had an 11% increase in deaths in the region and a reliable forecast indicates that there could be 236,000 deaths by December 1.

From August 6, the Sicily – now in the yellow zone – to communicate the greatest number of newly infected, trough the threshold of a thousand . is exceeded August 19 successively (a stock has already been touched on August 12): on the island there are +1,600 cases with a rate of 14.2% calculated on 11,243 swabs. It tracks above 500 Emilia-Romagna (+546 cases with 4.5% rate). Lazio processed more regional smears, which identified +321 cases with more than 19,000 tests (rate 1.7%). Notice Aosta Valley who scores zero new positives today (and has no deaths since July 14).

The victims

There are 53 casualties in the bulletin against 37 yesterday. The count includes at least 8 people who have died in the past few days. In fact, during the weekend, the saddest figure is incomplete: for example, of the nine deaths in Sicily, seven occurred on Saturday 28 August (see note *) and of the nine deaths in Campania, eight died in the last 48 hours and one entered earlier and late in the system. Four regions have no loss of loss – Veneto, Marche, Molise and Valle d’Aosta – to which the provinces of Trento and Bolzano have been added. Below you will find the details.

The health system

Hospital admissions are increasing. Occupied the beds in regular Covid departments I am +131 (yesterday +22), for a total of 4.264 hospitalized. The beds occupied in intensive care (TI) be +23 – this is the balance between the people who left and those who came to the ICU – (yesterday +14), bringing the total of the most seriously ill patients to 548, with 50 CPR recordings (44 yesterday), 14 of which were in Sicily, as shown in the table below.

I vaccinated

The vaccine doses administered are over 77.3 millions. Citizens who received the second dose are over 37.5 millions (69.56% of the population older than 12 years). That the map is updated every night e That real-time data from the Covid-19 vaccines report on the government website.

The fallen region by region

The data below, broken down by region, is the total number of cases (number of people tested positive since the start of the epidemic: including deaths and recoveries). The variation indicates the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Here’s the table with the general data from the Ministry of Health.

Lombardy 868,971: +140 cases (yesterday +447) with 9,522 smears
Venice 454.220: +319 cases (yesterday +513) with 10,725 swabs
Campania 445.306: +186 cases (yesterday +431) with 5,196 smears
Emilia Romagna 411,436: +546 cases (yesterday +605) with 12,167 smears
374,370: +321 cases (yesterday +349) with 19,328 swabs
piedmont 372,287: +103 cases (yesterday +175) with 12,960 smears
Sicily 275,459: +1,600 cases (yesterday +1,369) with 11,243 swabs
Tuscany 270,882: +348 cases (yesterday +528) with 6,686 smears
Apulia 263,334: +105 cases (yesterday +198) with 6,632 smears
Friuli Venezia Giulia 110,699: +38 cases (yesterday +80) with 1,487 swabs
To walk 110,415: +46 cases (yesterday +147) with 724 smears
Liguria 109,685: +52 cases (yesterday +167) with 2,308 smears
Abruzzo 78,998: +20 cases (yesterday +140) with 1,714 swabs
Calabria 77,514: +190 cases (yesterday +240) with 2,474 swabs
PA Bolzano 74,981: +9 cases (yesterday +32) with 824 smears
Sardinia 71,764: +187 cases (yesterday +283) with 2,633 smears
Umbria 61,612: +28 cases (yesterday +115) with 1,470 smears
PA Trento 47,464: +13 cases (yesterday +45) with 1,070 swabs
Basilicata 28,841: +2 cases (yesterday +72) with 347 swabs
Molise 14,249: +4 cases (yesterday +20) with 163 swabs
Aosta Valley 12,012: 0 cases (yesterday +3) with 130 smears

Deaths region by region

The figure below, broken down by region, is the total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic. The variation indicates the number of new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 33,915: +1 death (yesterday +5)
Venice 11,683: no new deaths (yesterday +2)
Campania 7.729: +9 dead (yesterday +1)
Emilia Romagna 13,360: +7 dead (yesterday +6)
Lazio 8.512: +4 kill (yesterday +5)
piedmont 11,716: +2 dead (yesterday +1)
Sicily 6.323: +9 kills (yesterday +10)
Tuscany 7.008: +3 kills (yesterday +2)
Apulia 6,706: +3 dead (yesterday +1)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 3,801: +2 deaths (no new deaths yesterday)
To walk 3,046: no new deaths for the third day in a row
Liguria 4,384: +2 kills (yesterday +1)
Abruzzo 2,529: +2 kills (yesterday +2)
Calabria 1,312: +3 deaths (no new deaths yesterday)
PA Bolzano 1,184: no new deaths since August 2
Sardinia 1,576: +3 killed (yesterday +1)
Umbria 1.430: +1 death (no new deaths yesterday)
PA Trento 1,365: no new deaths since August 23
Basilicata 599: +2 deaths (there were no deaths since August 23)
Molise 495: No new deaths for the third day in a row
Aosta Valley 473: no new deaths since July 14

That all bulletins from 2021, That that of 2020. Here’s the news of the day.

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* The region of Sicily reports that of the deaths reported today, N.1 died on 30/08/21, n.1 on 29/08/21 and n. 7 on 28-08-21.

The Abruzzo region reports that 1 case has been eliminated from the total number of positive cases already communicated, as it has already been reported by another region.

The Emilia Romagna region reports that of the total number of positive cases already reported, 3 cases have been eliminated, positive on antigen test but not confirmed by molecular smear.

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