AfD leader Uwe Junge from Rhineland-Palatinate leaves the party

AfD leader Uwe Junge from Rhineland-Palatinate leaves the party

Don’t want to know more about the AfD: Uwe Junge
Image: dpa

Uwe Junge is not the first and probably not the last politician to leave the AfD in a dispute. It is bizarre that the former party leader and party leader in Rhineland-Palatinate was one of the moderates there.

Warum the former Bundeswehr officer Uwe Junge It took eight years to realize that he was in the… AfD being surrounded by “Nazi sympathizers”, “opportunistic elected officials”, “political fortune tellers” and “bleating regulars” remains his secret. The former Rhineland-Palatinate AfD state and faction leader used his resignation four weeks before the federal election to reach a blanket settlement, especially with Alexander Gauland. Like Gauland, the politician, coming from the conservative part of the CDU, claims to have lost the power struggle with the nationalist and unofficially still very lively “wing” around right-wing Björn Höcke and thus the “AfD project” has failed. A discovery process that his colleague Jörg Meuthen may not have to deal with until after September 26. It is a process that many ‘ordinary people’ who have fallen into oblivion, such as former AfD chairman and Gauland ally Frauke Petry, went through before Junge and Meuthen.

That boy as a moderate within the AfD was true, is bizarre anyway. His homophobic failures at the European Football Championship when he called Manuel Neuer’s rainbow captain’s armband “faggot bracelet” attest to the opposite. It’s a good joke that he was threatened with exclusion from a party that mainly had resentment on the program.


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